10 Symptoms Of Depression

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10 Symptoms Of Depression-Never feel heavy stress, despair and not excited? Caution, it is some of the symptoms of depression. This can happen to mental disorders, including you. Depression is a condition that mood dropped dramatically. There is a feeling of empty, desperate and lonely.
deteksi-10-gejala-depresi 10 Symptoms Of Depression
Are crippling depression and make the sufferer unable to enjoy life. He felt tired very highly, her days too heavy so he lost the excitement and passion. Mental and psychological conditions that plagued this must immediately be addressed prior to the fatal.

Depression is a condition originally normal emotions, such as sorrow until the mood is fickle, which later turned into a feeling empty, uninspired, aggressive, can not relax and apathy. On ordinary sadness, your activity can still be running normally, you are still able to work, study, eat, sleep including enjoying quality time and fun self. While the conditions of the depression, the same thing does not happen.

The specific symptoms can indicate depression, these include: 1. feeling helpless , feel the State will never improve.

2. Lose interest in daily activities, even favorite activities and social interaction with others.

3. The existence of the increase or decrease weight drastically, about 5% of total body weight in a month.

4. Any change in sleep habits, whether symptoms of insomnia, waking up a too early morning or sleep too often.

5. Irritable, not impetuous and even sometimes very harsh and destructive. You increasingly difficult were tolerated in others.

6. feeling tired, sluggish and physically drained. The whole body can also feel heavy and even a trivial job else feels slow and laborious resolved.

7. The arising sense of self-pity and guilt. You criticize yourself out loud for any error that You do.

8. doesn’t matter Behaves on the safety of yourself, by doing escapism in the form of wearing illegal drugs, gambling, inconsiderate driving up to dangerous sports in hopes of experiencing serious injuries and died.

9. Difficulty in concentrating so not being able to focus, making decisions difficult to remember.

10. Emerging pain without a cause such as a headache, back pain, pain in the muscles and abdominal pain.

Depression itself can arise due to the condition of the loneliness, lack of moral support in everyday life. Trauma, family history is also experiencing depression, mental problems on and relationships, financial problems, a bad experience recently occurred. Also the consumption of alcohol and illegal drugs, job loss until the existence of chronic health problems and chronic pain.

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