9 Symptoms Of Depression

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9 Symptoms Of Depression-Depression is a condition of feeling (mood) from someone who experienced the disturbances causing feelings or moody person becomes unbalanced and unstable. The occurrence of an inefficient provision of the conditions of this feeling can be caused by a variety of things, such as social and environmental factors are considered unfriendly or because of concerns that too high of a person due to suffering from certain conditions ( disease, certain errors, the burden of living is heavy).

Good for a case of severe depression or mild depression that occurs in a person, actually both could be overcome through medical treatment. The use of sedatives (anti depression) is often done to sufferers of severe depression, but it is also based upon how severe the depression levels. Another alternative is to provide the guidance counseling (counseling therapy) to sufferers of depression or even handle with combination antidepressant medication and providing guidance counseling as well.
095896100_1515750680-9-Gejala-Depresi-yang-Tidak-Biasa-By-Pressmaster-shutterstock 9 Symptoms Of Depression
The Symptoms Of Depression In A Person
There are 9 depression symptoms commonly experienced by sufferers of depression and someone very easy for us to recognize, here his!

  • The occurrence of changes in appetite and weight loss in a person.
  • The occurrence of interference pattern of sleep (beds can be exaggerated or even very difficult to sleep).
  • The presence of feeling very guilty of something so keep in mind.
  • The decline in the level of memory or concentration level of the person.
  • Always feel restless, lazy and very irritable toward others.
  • The loss of passion and zest for life.
  • Lazy to do daily activities, on the activities previously felt very nice.
  • The existence of emotional gangguang (often feel sad and cry).
  • The existence of a desire for an end of life (suicide).

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