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Accupuncture For Depression-Depression and anxiety (anxiety) are two of the most common psychiatric disorders, both of which are often experienced by women. Women tend to be thoughtful when they feel sour. According to the Global Burden of research on the disease, the year 2020 depression will be a major cause of strain of the disease, which is important worldwide and affects people. The survey on mental health in 17 countries showed that about 1% of the 20 people experienced depression in the previous year.
akupunktur Accupuncture For Depression
Depression disorder often starts with a young age; It often happens repeatedly.

Definition of after the year of who 2012 depression is characterized by a worsening of mood, a common mental disorder or loss of interest, loss of energy, guilt or low self-esteem, insomnia or appetite disease, reduced concentration, emptiness, deep grief or misery, the lost hope, felt the thought of suicide.

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The worst depression can lead to suicide. Nearly a million lives have been lost every year because of suicide, and there are 3,000 deaths from suicide when counted every day. More than twenty people are trying to end his life. The term depression also shows a sense of helplessness, misfortune and punishment itself, the whole feeling of ngatif. In addition, patients with depressive disorders often experience anxiety disorders, anxiety disorders and Umunya depression as well. Both errors can occur at the same time. The main obstacle to depression or as a secondary obstacle is the effects of anxiety disorders.

The problem can be chronic or recurring, and the personal ability causes a lot of confusion to take care of its responsibility. Anxiety is an emotion characterized by physical changes such as tension, anxiety, fear of something, excessive anxiety energy, fear of the object, fears of objects, specific circumstances and elevated blood pressure. People with a concentration of anxiety disorder usually think again and again. You need to make sure things are not vigilant. You can also get physical symptoms such as sweating, dizziness or increased heart rate.

Cognitive models of depression individuals are depressed due to improper information processing caused by them to interpret events in a way they deviate. Negative beliefs do not really imply a negative outlook on the self, a glimpse of the world, a negative pessimistic hope in the future. This belief leads to a useful action to re-examine the beliefs. Then, if you’re depressed, individuals tend to selectively focus on the negative thoughts that cause them to consider themselves and their situation in the worst light.

  • These negative abnormalities help to maintain feelings of depression.
  • Psikogenik
  • Loss of a certain self-image
  • Loss or confusion to its purpose of many
  • Loss of trust and security

Therapy Most treatments used for depression include psychotherapy, acupuncture and antidepressants. Most people opt for acupuncture because they are safer, more effective and more natural. Chinese Acupuncture has long been used to treat psychiatric disorders. Although the exact mechanism of action of acupuncture is unclear, it is associated with the activation level Meningkatnmya the neurological substances such as endorphins and Enkephalin. There are also data that indicate that acupuncture stimulates the release of norepinephrine, serotonin and dopamine. Scientific research has shown that acupuncture can play an important role in the treatment of depression and anxiety. Studies show that acupuncture has consistently influenced the progression of significant improvements in depression and anxiety.

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