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Accurate Depression Test-A new study reveals how scientific first to diagnose depression in adults, that is through a blood test. According to the report the researchers from Northwestern University, this test measures the level of genetic indicators of nine known as RNA in the blood.

Blood tests can also determine anybody that patients could be treated with cognitive behavioral therapy that is one of the most common therapy treatments and effective for depression, and can show whether the therapy will be successful or not.

Depression affects a lot of people, but most were diagnosed late or even not aware of it at all.

“The longer it is delayed, the more difficult the diagnosis on the patient to give review about families and their environment. In addition if the patients could not or no desire to communicate with the doctor, then the diagnosis will be hard to do. “said lead researcher Eva Redei, a Professor of Psychiatry and behavioral sciences and Physiology at Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago.

The study, published online in the Translational Psychiatry uses samples as many as 32 adults who are diagnosed are experiencing depression, and 32 adults who did not experience depression. All the participants in this study between the ages of 21 to 79 years.
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How does a blood test?
The test is done by measuring blood concentrations of RNA forming. This RNA molecule cells tasked to interpret the genetic code and then execute those instructions from DNA. After the blood is drawn, the RNA was isolated. Then the researchers to measure and compare the expected levels of RNA in the blood of someone who is not experienced depression.

The team conducted blood tests Redei to 64 participants. Then, after 18 weeks of therapy or face-to-face via telephone to listen to reviews from participants who experienced depression, do retest to 22 other participants.

Among the participants of the deperesi cured by therapy, researchers identify their RNA forming the difference before and after therapy. Meanwhile, the concentration of RNA forming from a depressed patient is still different from the original results from patients who did not experience depression. Three of the RNA forming in adults who recovers his memory is a little different from those who have never experienced depression previously. This indicates if the RNA forming allows experiencing the vulnerability to depression.

In addition, if the level of specific RNA forming five lined up together then this indicates that the patient probably will respond with good cognitive behavioral therapy, says Redei. “This is the first time that we can predict the response to psychotherapy,” he added.

If this blood test can accurately detect depression?
The accuracy of blood tests in diagnosing depression is similar to the standard psychiatric diagnostic interview, which is about 72 percent to 80 percent effective.

This new blood test is not yet available to the public because of its accuracy and effectiveness must be confirmed first before you can get approval. In addition, Redei also revealed that these advanced research depends on pendanan which will take several years.

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