All Symptoms Of Depression

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All Symptoms Of Depression-Someone who was hit by the depression sometimes cannot appear for sure, but there are some hidden symptoms that you can learn in the following ways:
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1. philosophical Thoughts
People who suffer from depression is hidden usually try to discuss philosophical topics using sentence abstract. As a rule, people like depression talk about the meaning of life, and they do it all the time. And their words are often vague and abstract. Psychologists say that the mind is definitely more people, the more chance for them to be happy.

2. Love to find an excuse
People who are depressed often use excuses to hide the real grief and desire. For example, they write a touching story about why they could not attend the birthday party of a friend or why they can’t join for lunch with co-workers. Convincing reasons being the cover so as not to bother people with your emotional condition.

3. lack of reaction
People with depression can interpret the reality surrounding it in a different way. They can agree with everyone, stop expressing their wishes, opinions and stop paying attention to the insults, or don’t feel the pain even if it was inevitable: for example, when they lost relatives.

4. the psychosomatic Diseases
Become a depression, people usually complain about heart pain, stiffness in the hands and feet, difficulty breathing, headache, toothache, and other symptoms. As a rule, an examination showed that their health is fine. A variety of painful sensations leads to unstable conditions. In turn, the pain is causing anxiety and tension, forming a vicious circle and make a person suffering from psychosomatic pain.

5. obsessive Mental
In a State of distress, people are obsessed with certain things. They are convinced they are looking for answers, but such obsessive thoughts cannot solve their problems. On the contrary, they create the illusion that they are trying to find answers.

It’s easy to notice that Your friend or relative is suffering from obsessive thoughts, for example someone somewhat thoughtful, not present, talking about one and the same problem, and don’t try to act rather than talk.

6. Appearance of the cluttered
The condition of depression affects a person’s appearance. If someone stops following the rules of hygiene and do not maintain the cleanliness of their home, you have reason to wonder whether everything is okay or not. This applies to people who never get used to have a problem with neatness.

7. Change of productivity
It is also a bad signal. One cannot cope with daily routine tasks, forget the information, often feeling tired, and felt no sense in their actions. This could also be the opposite, when a rather inactive people become addicts work with a stressful schedule, trying to put together their achievements. They try to escape from their feelings and give sense to their lives.

8. Pretend to be happy
People often try to hide the depression behind the positive mood. For example, they actually look like people who are happiest and most exuberant in the world. They avoid a serious conversation and laugh at a difficult topic. You can understand and help them only during lengthy talks and mutual trust.

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