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Articles On Teenage Depression-Teens indeed tend to be moody. At a time they can seem sad, but soon they will be fine. However, depression is a very different thing.
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Depression is a serious disorder that can affect thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and health in General. Depression knows no age. Old, young, mature, even teenagers can be affected by depression. With a trivial problem is triggered, it could just be teenagers who experience depression do things that aren’t common people imaginable. The most harmful of the depression was the emergence of the idea of suicide or suicide attempts.


Note the following signs to identify depression in adolescence:

  • Feeling sad, anxious, and have no expectations
  • No appetite, or eat a lot that caused a decrease in nor gaining weight in no time
  • Awake at night, but sleep all day
  • Withdrew from his friends, Moody
  • Activities and achievements in school decreased, decreased motivation and interest
  • Easily angered and offended, being sensitive to criticism
  • Low self-esteem and feeling very guilty
  • Concentration decreases, the difficult decision
  • Any change in eating habits or sleeping
  • Have a mind to commit suicide
  • If these alerts occur several days to several weeks, should soon be consulted on the health workforce. This can be done Treatment therapy by way of talking or using drugs.

Treatment of depression in teens

There are various methods of therapy can do for adolescents who are experiencing depression. Health workers will consider methods that are appropriate for each individual. Among them with the use of cognitive behavioral therapy, interpersonal psychotherapy, psychodynamic psychotherapy, therapy or using drugs supportive.

Input for parents

Being the parent of a teenager is a challenge. Some of the techniques of communication will be indispensable and help parents in raising older children:

When disciplining a child, not with how to punish and make him shy, replace the sentence with help provide solutions in a good way. Punishment and shame can make a teen feel useless.

Let your teenager made a mistake, the attitude of overprotecting or parents who always took the decision to make teens make them confident that they don’t have the ability. This can make her confidence diminished.

Provide a space for teenagers to breathe, don’t expect them to do something exactly the same according to the wishes of parents.
Do not force the child to have the same experiences and activities with you during adolescence.

If you suspect that your child is experiencing depression, give time to listen to the problem. Although ana thought that the problem is not a serious problem. Open communication between parents and children is essential, especially when the child showed symptoms of shut down
Take the time to listen to their problems without criticism or judgmental.

Nor underestimate what they are feeling, sometimes teenagers had an excessive reaction to a problem but should parents try to understand that what they feel is true.

Sometimes teenagers are not looking for advice or solutions to their problems, rather to the support and acceptance, so whatever happens, make sure the teens that you will always accompany and assist them whenever needed.

So the teenagers feel ready to convey their problem, don’t cut with interruptions or trying to organize, just listen to their stories.

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