Atkins Diet For Diabetics

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Atkins Diet For Diabetics-Diabetes Patients Rely on Atkins Diet To Help Regulate Carbohydrates

The principle behind the diet is that weight is not caused by how much fat you eat, but how your body processes your carbohydrate intake.
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Diabetes usually occurs as a result of obesity problems. Dr. Atkins claims that overweight people (especially those who are obese) may be insulin-resistant: cells that convert carbohydrates into glucose (the body’s energy source) do not work well.

There is usually a tie to hold and weight insulin gain so Atkins concentrates his eating plan around reducing bad carbohydrates in food. When diabetes produces too much or too little insulin, they can suffer from serious health problems. Dietary plans help to regulate blood glucose sugar levels for diabetics.

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How the Atkins Diet For Diabetics

the diet focuses on reducing carbohydrates less than 40 grams per day. The body then goes into ketosis which allows the body to burn fat as fuel. According to Atkins, ketosis will also affect the production of insulin which will prevent fat from forming in the body. The diet centers around this idea of ketosis: once the ketosis body starts it will start to use efficient fats as fuel and the craving for carbohydrates will diminish and subside.

The diet consists of four stages: induction, ongoing weight loss, pre-treatment, and maintenance.
1.Induksi – first 14 days diet can lose up to 15 pounds. This rapid weight loss occurs due to limiting carbohydrates. Carbohydrates allowed include lettuce, broccoli, and tomatoes (3 cups per day). Yogurt, fruit, caffeine, alcohol and starchy vegetables are not allowed. lean proteins (such as meat) are emphasized.

2. an ongoing weight loss – Diet can increase carbohydrate intake by five grams per day. The body hits the plateau and then diets away from the intake of more carbohydrates.

3.Pra-care – Weight moves more slowly to diet. Diets will test certain foods by adding them slowly back to the diet (without gaining weight as a result).

4. Maintenance – After a heavy diet reaches their goal, they can introduce more carbohydrates back to their diet. They should stay away from simple carbohydrates (bad carbohydrates like white sugar and processed foods). Diet adds healthy carbohydrates, not like whole wheat bread and brown rice

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