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Ayurvedic medicine for stress and depression: – The person who has the mind and body wear, as we try to cope with a changing environment.
Fight-Depression Ayurvedic Medicine For Depression
According to Ayurveda “stress, depression and anxiety disorders or depression of the rajas”. This is one of the three powers of rajas represent Christ’s Passion unsupervised operation of the whole, or at all guns. Ayurvedic texts that even in Raja emotions, desire, lust – they are self-creates a negative condition is not satisfied.
That will be difficult and sometimes drastically changes his daily life with our employees to cope with the challenges which can not.
Increasing competition, globalization, job insecurity, financial problems, such as relationships and reproach are some of the problems that face almost every day. No long-term problems that can lead to problems such as frequent it.
Fight-Depression Ayurvedic Medicine For Depression
These conditions, on to the account of the facts;
1. stress factors Number: vicious diet, poor eating habits

2. law is intended to achieve, as other disturbing false and insulting perceived anger, etc.

3. some psychosocial and climatic conditions, travel, congestion, pollution, etc. which are not in our power,

4. Some personality traits are also responsible for stress. Type A personalities (due urgency, impatience, aggression) are more prone to stress.

How Ayurvedic medicine in the prevention of stress and depression and stress and to help it out?
That is indeed what we have to understand the whole soul the reason, that is to say, it is one of magic, so it is not in the health of the mental disorders. If there is one, are likely to be many dangers to the heart and nervous inside.
Disorders such as stress, tension, depression, nervousness, anxiety, insomnia, etc. were treated with the appropriate medication can only help design and healthy lifestyle.
That ultimately, a healthy mind in a healthy body?
Fight-Depression Ayurvedic Medicine For Depression
1. deliberate, perhaps, even as medicine. Since consulting, advising that teaches patient to effect positive change from the inside, helping them become more independent and autonomous, and thus more confident. And so it is less likely to relapse.

2. Ayurvedic medicine for stress and depression – jatamansi Sarpagandha with herbs, Ashwagandha, Brahmi, and Tacha Shankapushpi the conditions prescribed in the disturbed mind.
And thus strengthen the body’s nervous system cannot handle additional levels of stress and tension and restore normal mental status.

• Bridhihar – It strengthens the brain.
• Sarpagandha. -Aide control blood pressure, sleep.
• jatamansi – gives brain function.
• Vacha- memory circuits. Helps increase revenue or capacity memory.
• -Brahmi in Ayurveda is said medyarasayana.Il improves concentration. Soothing effect and strengthens the nerves of the brain cells.

Ayurvedic medicine for stress and depression – Brenk

3. Maintenance of exercise and health, safety Maintaining a balanced diet. At regular exercise, like jogging, swimming or cycling helps control the physical symptoms.

4. Practice resting the combination of yogic pranayama and exercise induces relaxation and reduces psychological and physiological tension

5. Other remedies useful technique, but for managing stress include reading Simple, followed hobbies, sharing problems with friends, counting the numbers in the paid immediately, so that we have turned our attention tomorrow, frustrating conditions.

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