Bach Flower Remedies For Depression

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What is Bach Flower Remedies?

The scientist has proven that 90% of our physical condition physically, initially is a new emotional disharmony and then appear in physical symptoms. It is this that brings Dr. Edward Bach invented Bach Flower Remedies.
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Bach Flower Remedies is an energy-based healing system that uses 38 flower vibrations each associated with specific mental and emotional states. Developed by Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930s. Bach flower remedies are very useful for restoring inner harmony. Of the 38 types of flowers, divided into 7 groups of emotional conditions:

1.Fear (fear)
2.Uncertainty (uncertainty)
3.Insufficient interest in present circumstances (lack of interest and enthusiasm about current conditions and situations)
4.Loneliness (lonely)
5.Over-sensitivity to influences and ideas (too sensitive to influences and ideas from around)
6.Despondency or Despair (discouraged or discouraged)
7.Over-care for the welfare of others (Too excessive about others)

This system is researched and created by Dr. Edward Bach, a medical doctor who also mastered the science of bacteriology and pathology. Beginning with inspiration for a more holistic healing, Dr. Bach found some ingredients from nature that have healing benefits. Dr. Bach believes that disease is the result of conflict between body, mind, and spirit.

Is the system secure?

Holistic healing in the Bach Flower system is very safe, gentle, simple, natural, safe to use, not dependent but effective to know ourselves better. Bach Flower rebalance the mental and emotional state of a person, which Dr. Bach is the origin of our physical illness.

Who can help with this system?

You can use this system to help your inner mental health condition, especially for things that are mentally emotional. In addition, this system is very effective to help the family and friends around us, as well as effective when used in professional therapy situations practiced by practitioners.

Who can benefit from Bach Flower?

Given the vibration of flowers/drugs is very soft, then this system is safe for use by anyone, even children. Generally, children respond very well with bach flower remedies, as it helps to balance the emotions of children from the inside, such as the problem of shame, fear, nightmares, school-related stress, and low self-esteem.

Even those with pets generally understand that animals also experience a variety of emotions and Bach Flower Remedies can help them through difficult moments, such as coward cat, aggressive dog, hyperactive, fear of lightning, new dogs entering the house, and many other animal emotions.

Some examples of cases that can be cured by bach flower?

I personally handle many cases of past trauma complaints, insomnia, to vertigo that can be reduced or lost altogether due to the use of Bach flower remedies. One of them is Mbak Tria Prayuti (already permission concerned to share) which for several weeks difficult to sleep. On the first day using Bach Flower Remedies immediately fell asleep.

How long can I feel the effect?

Each human being is created unique, as well as the problems we face. Suppose there are 2 people who have fewer confidence cases. Si A lacks confidence because a week ago his boss said he was not good at doing any work, then the B had less confidence because his father and mother never praised him from small and always criticized. Can be seen that the two people above have the same problem, but have different durations and significance, automatic duration effect is different depending on each person.

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