Best Antidepressants For Severe Depression

MWSnap239 Best Antidepressants For Severe Depression
A pressure faced by a person can lead to a condition that leads to depression. Deep feelings of sadness, disappointment, despair, regret, worthlessness, and hurt are perceived. If this takes a long time will result in daily activities to be disturbed, it can even interfere with the comfort of others who are near you.

Many symptoms to watch out for. Feeling tired or losing energy, so be lazy to move. This is also caused by disturbed concentration that makes it difficult to focus on something, for example on the job. Insomnia was common, difficult to sleep or even excessive sleep (hypersomnia). These symptoms can be said to be light. To overcome this, you need the support of your family and friends. Tell them about what you are going through. If you can not yet, keep in touch with them, at least will lighten your burden.

In addition to these ways, depression can be treated by taking the drug. The type of drug that is often consumed by this patient is antidepressants. This drug does have a tremendous effect but has side effects that are not good for the body, such as insomnia, nausea, weakness, and memory loss.

Now there is a new breakthrough by examining the substances contained in turmeric as a natural depression medication. Curcumin substance in it has been tested to 60 respondents divided into three groups, namely the provision of curcumin supplements in the first group, generic treatment for the second group, and alternative and generic combinations in the third group. The result of the group receiving 6 weeks of curcumin with a composition of twice a day of 500 milligrams gave a positive result. Turmeric that contains antioxidants that can reduce the inflammatory process and free radical effects in the body, it can also be used as a remedy to reduce symptoms of depression.

Curcumin that has been made from flour or powder or called BCM95 was more easily absorbed by the body, compared with antidepressant drugs in generic form. Research conducted by a researcher from Baylor University Medical Center also strongly advises staying consulted with the doctor first before taking curcumin.

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