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Best Books On Depression-Read a motivational book or self-help book turns out to be a really powerful tool to relieve depression. The study found that patients who read the book motivation have lower depression rates after four months. Uniquely, reading a motivational book can also prevent a sense of depression came back.
membaca-buku-motivasi-bisa-redakan-depresi Best Books On Depression
These findings obtained by researchers at the University of Glasgow after observing 200 patients diagnosed with depression. Half of those taking anti-depressant drugs and some given motivational book. The book contains ways to relieve depression and cope with depression from a variety of aspects, such as sleep problems.

The book used in this study is based on the principle of cognitive therapy and behavior that are commonly used in therapy of depression by psychiatrists. This book has indeed been recommended by the National Insitute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) to overcome the depression.

As a result, after four months of reading the book patients experienced a decrease in the level of depression and mood has improved, as offered by the Daily Mail the discovery is certainly very interesting and useful for those who are looking for ways to overcome the Depression without drugs. Though not using the recommended book researcher, but there is no harm in using the book another motivation to relieve depression.

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