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Best Bras For Back Pain – One of the beauty that exists in women is the breasts. Breasts can add value to a woman’s appearance if treated properly. One way to treat breast is to wear the right bra.

Efek-Samping-Dari-Memakai-Bra-Yang-Tidak-Sehat Best Bras For Back Pain

Apparently, the selection of best bras for back pain not only keep the beauty of the breast but also can help maintain the health condition of the spine because it can support the breast burden well. A doctor from the North American Spine Society said that the back pain experienced by women can be caused by the use of a bra that is less precise so that the impact on the comfort of everyday activities.

Here are some anticipatory steps to avoid the inconvenience caused by the inaccurate use of a bra:

-Bed bra-sized fitting
-The chest circumference measures should be done twice a year so that the size of the bra can be precise and in accordance with unstable weight conditions;
-Always wear a bra during activity
-The bra should always be worn during the move, but the bra should be released at bedtime. Your back and breasts need a break from any clothes that can bind the body;

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-Choose a bra that can support the breasts well and comfortably
Do not use a thin lace bra. The results of research by Texas Southwestern Medical School Dallas doctors showed that a bra with thin and tight straps can result in prolonged headaches. -In addition, a thin-strapped bra can also damage the nerves resulting in back pain complaints. The neck that stretches from shoulder to neck and back nerves is the most important component of the nerves. So be careful not to get injured. No exception by bra strap;

-Check the bra hooks on when buying a bra. Make sure the hooks can be used to adjust the allowance
Overly tight bra wear can cause back pain, therefore, make sure the bra hook is in good condition so it works well to adjust the bra size looseness;

– Pay attention to sitting position to avoid back injury
Avoid sitting for too long and keep the back position for the upright but still in a relaxed state. This upright condition must be observed both when sitting or standing.

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