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Increased levels of omega-3 fatty acid eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) can reduce the severity of symptoms of depression, especially among people taking antidepressants,
From the study of 1390, refer to the value of things in Gaul, in the forth from Bordeaux by the EPA, depressive signs, and for an average of 0,16 percent lower than the normal people to return to the people, according to the data published in the month’s exit.
in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.
MWSnap275 Best Fish Oil For Depression
“These results are disorders of the mind that as long as the growing chain PUFA committed an offense,” and researchers Equipe wrote.
Dietary epidemiology and alimentary (INSERM U593) 2 and the University of Cambridge.

Many studies and omega-3 fatty acid observational docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and EPA-learning behavior, especially among children, but also for
improve symptoms of depression.

“This is the findings of a new study of the nature of significant depressive plasma EPA and severity of symptoms (IUI) in the elderly, who are already using antidepressants
a drug, “the researchers added under the supervision of Pascal Barberger Gateau.

study details

In 1390 researchers recruited subjects (average age 74.6, about 65 percent of the women). Symptoms of depression pounds ideal balance blood
to measure the concentration of fatty acids in the blood.

The elder unto the people with the power of depression than they were the subjects of symptoms of depression. And it does not perform well on the state of mental control younger than the Mini-examine Subjicit comparison.

The sadness of things, but they do not signify the diversity of the EPA between risk factors of the environment.

On the contrary, his creature and to the EPA, with sorrow, served in the lower 0.85 percent, 1.01 percent in compared with healthy controls. The EPA and the inverse relationship between depression was also observed when researchers
considered people taking anti-depressive subjects.

In addition, it is obvious that in their colleagues Barberger Gateau “biologically matter as to the mechanisms underlying the relationship between the brain disorder and the existing fatty acid.
said. ‘

They call for additional research to support the relationship between the value of the PUFA symptoms of depression, is to clarify the mechanism to determine whether intake of omega-3 deeper influence the development of depression later in life.

“The EPA concentration and/or no benefit from DHA supplementation,” the researchers concluded that the AJCN.

During the study, Bordeaux builds science behind the benefits contributes to a small number of studies have reported health benefits of polyunsaturated fatty acids in mind. Last year,
A Norwegian study in omega-3 fatty acids from their long-term intake by humans on a regular basis to keep the symptoms of depression.

The study, published in the Journal of Affective Disorders, followed 835 patients between 40 and 21 49 and 74 70 years ago, and I, and found that the prevalence of depressive symptoms in the lower 29 percent
The Omega 3 supplement the regular users from the rest of the multitude.

In addition, depression is reported as the combined Anglo-Iranian study rated by the EPA, which obtained a similar effect antidepressant fluoxetine,
Findings published in the Journal of Psychiatry Australia and New Zealand.

“In the EPA MONOTHERAPY major depressive disorder,” wrote the researchers from the University of Tehran
The medicine Swallownest Court Hospital in Sheffield (England).

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