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Satisfactory Med for depression/tension?
Hi, I recognize everybody is unique however I was simply wondering if everybody has had success with a sure medicine that helped their melancholy and anxiety? Also, has therapy helped everybody, with or without taking a medicinal drug? Thank you for your help.
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Re: first-rate Med for melancholy/tension?
I have most effective attempted Cymbalta and did not take care of it. It made me quite drowsy and I simply felt numb as opposed to glad. I guess I used to be much less sad, however, I would not go on it once more. I felt like I should rarely live wide awake! I also noticed the beginning of weight gain even though I was ingesting a strict eating regimen to now not advantage, so I finished. Due to the fact that I had body photo at the time, I knew weight benefit might be terrible and would not make me happier.

I discovered counseling to be satisfied once I did it. I talked to at least one character who became not all that useful, attempted someone new, and honestly favored talking to them. I was looking for a person who could supply me tips, not just anticipate me to speak the entire time and vent. I love to get feedback because I already understand how I experience and need any help to make it higher. My counselor helped me understand underlying troubles that made me depressed when I failed to definitely recognize what it becomes. I would propose counseling FIRST and then pass for meds in case you assume you want them too!

I don’t get to go to counseling anymore, however, I pass over it. It felt proper to have a person concentrate on you and show they care and provide support. I felt like I had a superb patch of life for a while and now I am beginning to slip once more, so might move returned!

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