Best Medicine For Major Depression

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Best Medicine For Major Depression-Depression is a psychiatric condition characterized by 3 major symptoms:

-aphek depression/mood depression
-lose interest or excitement
-the reduced energy towards a State of fatigue and decreased activity
and can be accompanied by other symptoms such as:

  • decreased concentration and attention
  • reduced self-esteem and confidence
  • the guilt and the feeling of being useless
  • view of the future bleak or pessimistic
  • thoughts of suicide or self-harm
  • sleep disorders
  • decline appetite can lead to weight loss

depresi-otak-1 Best Medicine For Major Depression
It said major depression if there are at least 5 symptoms above (must be encompassed the main symptoms) for at least 2 weeks accompanied by a decrease in the daily functions (employment, Social Affairs, charging leisure and self-care). Cipralex is a medication that contains escitalopram, is a drug that works in the brain and has the effect of anti-depression. about dose, preferably of consumption as prescribed by your doctor, because the doses of medicines as it is individual. If needed this medication overdose can be increased to 20 mg a day.

I recommend you to regularly control and comply with the advice of experts your soul because treatment usually lasts long enough, usually a new depression treatment shows real results in 2-12 week, the treatment can often take place up to 4-9 months in patients with a first episode of major depression, recurrent already on the often required continuous maintenance drugs. In addition to the drugs, the patient’s depression disorders generally can also withdraw the benefit of the therapy of non-drug such as psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, etc.

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