Best Natural Remedies For Depression

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Best Natural Remedies For Depression-The World Health Organization (WHO) even mention the depression will be the second disease after the global burden of ischaemic heart disease.
Depression can actually be resolved with medication to reduce symptoms. But natural medicine natural-medicine treatment can also help overcome psychiatric illnesses.
Cara-pengobatan-alami-untuk-depresi Best Natural Remedies For Depression
Dr. Manny Alvarez, health practitioners from the New York University School of Medicine in the United States, exposing the four things that can become the natural treatment of depression.

1. Light therapy
Light therapy is a therapy that can improve the mood of those who suffer from mental disorders affected season. Generally people who are experiencing this disorder feel depression only at a specific time, e.g. in winter. “This therapy uses light box” “to give exposure to the rays of light on the sufferer. A number of studies have shown how it is able to help sufferers back eagerly, “explains Alvarez.messagessage
The massage has not been researched in a major way to treat depression, but a study published in the Journal of Psychiatry showed, massage therapy has a significant effect in relieving depression and anxiety.

3. herbal supplements
A variety of herbal supplements can help relieve symptoms of depression. Increased consumption of omega-3 and vitamin D can also be an effective way. “But before the consumption of supplements, be sure to consult a doctor first. Due to the effects of supplements can interact with certain drugs, “firmly Alvarez.

4. Speech therapy
Talk therapy has been researched as a treatment of depression. Even its effects can be very overwhelming positive for some people.

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