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Best Pain Reliever For Back Pain-Back pain is sometimes considered trivial but when exposed to this effect can be very disturbing. Back pain does have several causes that can vary from person to person. At least there are several ways that can be done to relieve symptoms of back pain.

03.-agefoto_rm_photo_of_pharmacist_recommending_pain_relief Best Pain Reliever For Back Pain

Here are 6 ways you can do to relieve back pain:

1. Cold compress
Cold compresses can be tried when back pain first appears.

“When the back muscles get sick, the pain is usually caused by inflamed tissue, and cold compresses can reduce swelling and discomfort,” said Dr. Jason Highsmith, a neurosurgeon in Charleston, SC.

Once you feel pain, cold compresses several times a day, for 10 minutes for about 3 days can relieve back pain.

“Hot compresses can help after 3 days, but using hot compresses too quickly can aggravate inflammation, compress heat several times a day, for 15 minutes for 3 days,” said Dr. Jeffrey Katz, a professor of medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston.

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2. Relief drugs available on the market
When cold or hot compresses are not enough, it can try to take painkillers available on the market. Both types of anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), such as Advil and acetaminophen (Tylenol) can inhibit chemical pathways in the body that can produce pain.

We recommend taking NSAID drugs along with food because they can cause nausea.

3. Topical cream
Topical creams can be used when looking for alternatives to the pill. When applied to the skin, the cream can cause nerve endings to feel either hot or cold, thus dulling the pain.

“Some topical creams can irritate the skin or cause redness, wash hands after applying the cream, and do not let the cream affect the eye area,” Katz said.

4. Lightweight exercise
When your back feels a bit stiff, you should do some light exercise.

“Activities such as walking, cycling, and water sports can improve almost all muscles associated with problems in the body,” said Katz.

To prevent the most effective stiffness is to do light physical exercise for 30 minutes for 3 times a week. The results of a study show that people who lift the load for 4 times a week can experience a decrease of 42 percent in back pain.

5. New mattress
When awakened with back pain, it may be a sign that you should replace with a new mattress. After 8 or 9 years, the mattress can start giving less support, so it can usually cause back pain.

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“People who suffer from back pain constantly, their condition often improves when they have replaced with new mattresses,” says Todd Sinett.

Contrary to popular belief, that a rigid mattress is not always better. The results show that mattress with medium stiffness is the best.

Beware of mattresses that are advertised as a recommendation from orthopedists or doctors, as this is not necessarily true.

6. Chiropractic care
Chiropractic care can be tried when other efforts to relieve back pain do not work. “A professional health practitioner can provide relief from muscles with chronic inflammation,” says Sinett.

The parallel spine can cause muscle tension. Physical therapy and chiropractic therapy can improve spinal alignment. Such treatment can manipulate the spine to relieve regional tension in the muscles. Consult your doctor about the treatment.

“After performing the treatment, the back pain condition should subside within 6 weeks, otherwise MRI may need to be performed, which can determine if the pain is from something more serious, such as a herniated disc,” Sinett said.

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