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Best Pill For Depression-A recent study published in the British Medical Journal says, taking anti-depressants turned out to be no more effective than talking with a therapist.
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For those of us who suffered from depression severe enough, taking drugs is not the only option. We can also do counseling with a therapist as another alternative. But still many people still choose anti depression pills as a way out. In the United Kingdom alone, seven ranked as the country with the most depression drug consumption in parts of the Western world.

The researchers tried to compare the anti-depressants, like Prozac, with a psychological approach that usually involves a cognitive behavioral therapist. In the study that they found no difference in effectiveness between medications and therapy for those with severe depression levels.

Researchers said many patients who prefer psychological treatment, but ultimately choosing medicine. It is due to limited access to counseling and sometimes there is a long waiting list. In addition the cost of counseling tends to be more expensive compared to anti depression pills.

National Institute of Health and Care Excellence says, for those who experience severe depression should be offered a combination of medication and counseling.

“Antidepressants and berbica with such a therapist counseling should be offered to passing with the disease of depression.” Said Prof. Sir Simon Wessely, President of the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

Prof. Shirley Reynolds, from the University of Reading also said the patient’s depression also should be given the opportunity to choose the care they want. According to him the best result for the patient to recover from the disease of depression by drinking and drugs counselling together.

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