Best Way To Relieve Lower Back Pain

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Best Way To Relieve Lower Back Pain-After suffering from lower back pain for most of my life and a doctor constantly telling me that there was not much else to do except to minimize my movement and put it on a heating pad, I decided to control it on my own.

Nyeri_Punggung Best Way To Relieve Lower Back Pain

What I found was that the doctors gave me the wrong advice. First, placing a heating pad alone exacerbates the inflammation that causes low back pain to begin with. Second, minimizing my movement helps keep the pain from getting worse, but nothing can alleviate it.

When you feel lower back pain, an ice pack for twenty minutes every two hours helps reduce pain more than heat. In addition, the use of proper stretching exercises can help readjust the discs and spine in the lower spine that, if not parallel, pinches the sciatic nerve causing such inflammation, causing severe pain in the more sciatic back.

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sciatic nerve is the nerve that starts in the lower part of the spinal cord and down the buttocks to the toes and when pinched or damaged can cause severe pain starts in the lower back and flows down the buttocks and the thighs and sometimes it can work up to the toes.

There are many ways that the sciatic nerve can be damaged but no matter how the damage, the damage always causes the nerve to become inflamed. Once you have treated the inflammation you will get pain relief and the way you treat any kind of inflammation is by cold (ice packs) as you would with a sprained ankle or ankle.

Another thing that helps me get rid of the pain is the stretching exercises, designed for more delayed spinal or flexion extensions, often called “McKenzie extension exercises.” This exercise is designed to strengthen the muscles of the lower back that helps keep the spine aligned column, if one or more of these muscles are weaker than others, the spine can be aligned more easily.

Formatting this exercise regularly leaves me feeling free for a while and it only takes me eight to ten minutes a day to keep myself free of pain. Therefore, if you suffer from lower back pain often due to scratches or punctures, stop using heat, try ice packs and examine the “McKenzie Extension Exercises”.

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