Best Things To Do For Depression

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Best Things To Do For Depression-Depression is still considered a taboo disease for some people. Although not be denied this term is not foreign anymore.

People often think depression is just a mood phenomenon that is not good and can heal just by doing something nice or enough with positive thinking. But for people with depression, depression is not that simple.

Depression is like a monster that lives inside them and devours them slowly. Depressed people usually feel trapped in sad feelings constantly and then slowly lose meaning in life.

Depression is very dangerous if not addressed. Because it is not a visible disease, people usually do not really care about this disease when there are many cases of depression that led to suicide.

If someone near you claims to be depressed, do not be underestimated. Do the following things!

1. Listen to them.
MWSnap280-500x203 Best Things To Do For Depression
If your closest people confess that they are stressed lately also feel sad constantly let alone to say that he is confused what exactly the purpose he lives in this world. Do not laugh at him and compare with your life that you think is more severe.

It may be that the person feels depressed. Not everyone who is depressed wants to tell others.

When someone believes in you and says he is depressed, listen to them. Though you think they’re overreacting over and over again by repeating the same stories that you think are trivial, keep listening to them.

Do not underestimate the sad feelings they feel. What they feel is much more painful than what they can express.

2. Do not leave them alone for too long.
MWSnap280-500x203 Best Things To Do For Depression
Knowing that your friend is depressed, all you have to do is accompany him. If indeed you have a private business so can not accompany him any time, at least show your concern by sending him a message.

Do not let people who are depressed alone for too long, because they can either think negatively or feel not cared for by the environment.

3. Do not behave as if you pity her.
MWSnap280-500x203 Best Things To Do For Depression
Although you know your friend is depressed, you should not act as if you pity her. Be as though you care not pity or at least be normal but do not leave it.

Showing your pity will only keep him away from you and no longer open about what he is feeling.

4. Do not force her to be happy.
MWSnap280-500x203 Best Things To Do For Depression
When a person feels depressed, the first advice people usually say is “try to think positively” or “try living a happy life”. Of course, people who feel depressed do not feel that way because of their desires.

They feel depressed because they can not overcome their sadness just by thinking positive and unable to feel happy.

5. Make them aware that their presence is valuable.
MWSnap280-500x203 Best Things To Do For Depression
Take them out of the house, get them to hang out with dear ones, do what they love. Make them aware that their presence is valuable and their lives are important to people. Invite them to engage in meaningful positive activities.

There is nothing wrong to accompany them to consult with the experts. Reassure them that there is nothing wrong to consult a psychiatrist if the depression they are doing is disturbing daily like feeling very restless or unable to sleep.

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