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Body Pillow For Back Pain-Everyone needs quality sleep so that his health is maintained. Good sleep quality can be obtained if supported by several factors, including a conducive atmosphere and adequate facilities. Everyone would want a calm, clean, and cool atmosphere to be able to sleep soundly. The facilities used during sleep also affects, ranging from mattresses, pillows, bolsters, blankets, bed sheets, to the light sleep.

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As one of the important elements in the bedroom, the pillow is an integral part. However, the use of pillows is not just limited to the bedroom alone. Pillows are also often a complementary element in the living room in the form of cushion or sofa cushion.

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Based on Benefits

At first, the pillow only serves as a headband. Now, the function is already widespread. Pillows can be used for several things, such as a pedestal, accessories, and so forth. Here are some types of pillows based on the benefits.


These pillows are usually rectangular. Typically, this type of pillow is used as a headband when going to bed. To fill the pillow, there are several options, namely kapok, dacron, or foam. The look of this pillow usually does not have much variety. However, to make it look more interesting, we can be creative with the pillowcases used. Look for pillowcases made of cotton with a fresh motif. Thus, the atmosphere in the bedroom will be more fun.

Bolster pillow

Pillows are usually always paired with a pillow. Placement is also usually in the bedroom. Oval-shaped cushion and very fit to cuddle.

Neck Pillow

Do you travel a lot in a long time using a four-wheeled vehicle? Better you buy a head pillow. This pillow U-shaped and can be used to support the neck when about to sleep while sitting. In general, the size of this pillow is not too large so easily and practically carried everywhere. By bringing this pillow as ammunition, your trip is guaranteed to be more comfortable and free from the neck.

Sofa cushions

Sofa cushion or more popular with the term cushion is a pillow that complements the presence of the sofa. Usually, the pillowcase motive matching the motif of the sofa so as to create an interesting atmosphere of the room. The sofa cushion is usually square, the size is not too bused just play on the accent pillowcase. Benefits, this pillow is actually rarely used just as a display so that the sofa looks more elegant and elegant.

Sitting Pillow

If you have to sit for hours because of the demands of work, you’ll want to use a sitting cushion. This type of pillow is almost the same as the sofa cushions, both of shape and size. The difference lies in the surface of the pillow that has wrinkles. In addition, the pillow sits were usually more tender and contain.

There is also a kind of seat cushion that resembles a soft chair. This chair-shaped pillow follows the user’s body shape so it feels very comfortable and warm. There are various variations of seat cushions, ranging from the ball-shaped, petals, and so forth. In addition to comfortable to use, this type of pillow can beautify the room.

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Based on the contents, the pillow also has considerable variation. Some types of pillow contents commonly used include:

  • This is the main ingredient of traditional pillow fillers. This material is strong and not too thick. However, kapok is very easy to damp and dusty.
  • It comes from synthetic materials. The texture is flexible so that it can follow the shape of the head.
  • Memory foam. This material is a kind of foam called Advantages of using a pillow of this material is able to absorb sweat.
  • There is synthetic latex, there is also natural latex. The advantage of using a pillow from latex material is cool because rubber can not deliver heat.
  • Goose feather. Pillows containing goose down are not suitable for people who are allergic to dust and feathers.
    Dakron is a cushioning material that comes from plastic fibers.

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