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Question: I have studied that cinnamon is very good for diabetics. Just wondering if all and sundry has any experience with taking those and if they worked?
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Luke diabetes is not a one length fits all sickness. For example, I will devour something that might not impact my blood sugar and you could consume the equal thing and it reasons yours to rising. What works for one character won’t paintings at all for others. Dietary supplements that lower your blood sugar can also purpose and adverse effect on medicinal drugs you’ll be taking to lower your blood sugar. Additionally, those same dietary supplements combined with your medicinal drugs ought to make your blood sugar even decrease while you workout. I examine that somewhere. I’ve attempted the shakes. Made my stomach cramp. I am no longer a supplement individual so I might not take them. I’m allergic to plenty of factors so I don’t want to threat a response. Hospitals are high priced so I attempt to avoid them.

I certainly love that you are asking questions and in search of advice. Please earlier than you begin taking any sort of complement, speak to your health practitioner. He/she can determine how it’ll affect your frame and the medications you take.

Whilst I used to be first recognized and changed into doing research on the disorder, I listed questions for my second doc’s visit. I questioned him like I was a prosecutor. I requested over-the-counter medicines which include Tylenol and cough medicinal drugs. I’m allergic to aspirin and ibuprofen so I do not pass near it. I had a respiratory infection and asked about the outcomes of antibiotics and the meds. I’ve no longer had the flu on account that 1963 so I have never had a flu shot so I don’t know what that would do to me both. Not one of the medical doctors I’ve had will provide me with any sort of flu shot due to the fact for some purpose I do not get it.

I decide on a food plan, exercise and retaining manipulate. I hate taking tablets so I am happy with my one pill a day. Take care of your self.

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