Clinical Depression Test-The authors describe the Depression Therapeutics (TRD) in phase II/III Clinical development of the European Union and the United States and express their opinions on how the current treatment will be improved in the near future.
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62 evidence identified in the latest phase II clinical trials, including six clinical trials of the compound, with the United States and EU candidates, developed III and 12 others tested in the last phase. Acid agents have been the focus of many studies. A single intravenous dosage of ketamin acid modulator creates a strong antidepressant effect and rapidly to the TRD person; these effects remained significant over the past week. This observation was a breakthrough that paved the way for other, more acid-selective modulators (nasal esketamine, AVP-786, AVP-923, AV-101, and Rapastinel). The choice of compound, monoclonal antibody treatment opened a very innovative, based on a new pathophysiology approach to depression.

A promising new agent for the TRD treatment. Acid modulators can be a very promising alternative for antidepressants Monoterapi Monoaminergic. We can see that the act is strong and fast before the arrival of antidepressants, which in the near future will greatly facilitate the ultimate goal of recovery of the TRD people.

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