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Corset For Back Pain-Is it a lumbar or lumbosacral corset? Here are some things you need to know about lumbar corsets:

  1. The lumbar corset is a corset designed specifically for people with low back pain. The corset for the waist pain is different from the bodice of the slimming corset.
  2. If the slimming corset is more aimed at pressing the body part – especially the stomach so that it does not look prominent, this waist pain corset is specially designed for patients with low back pain to reduce complaints of back pain.
  3. Some conditions that cause lumbago do require a corset, so doctors or physiotherapists can recommend wearing a corset when you experience back pain.
  4. Corset for waist pain shaped like a belt that is about 30-35 cm wide (depending on the type, type, and brand of the corset).
  5. The back of the coset consists of pillars of spinal support made of aluminum or plastic.
  6. In medical terminology, the corset for the sufferer of low back pain is known by the name of lumbar girdle or lumbosacral corset.
  7. The function or function of the corset is to limit the spinal movement of the dolphins (waist) and sacral (caudal bone), thus the general corset function is to supplement and assist the lumbar spinal stabilization and help establish the spine.

download-5-3-1 Corset For Back Pain
download-5-3-1 Corset For Back Pain
download-5-3-1 Corset For Back Pain
download-5-3-1 Corset For Back Pain

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