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They say that golf is a sport of their life, and many enjoy the game from childhood until recent years. But if you feel pain in your lower back when you play, you may wonder how long your game day will last. Whether your pain is chronic or you occasionally feel occasional when you try to touch the ball cover, make it a priority to diagnose and overcome your pain so you can enjoy as much connection as possible before the snow flies. Dr. Chris D’Ambrosia, one of Denver’s back pain experts in Advanced Orthopedics, shares the key to preventing, treating and recovering more quickly.
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Prevent lower back pain

Prevention begins long before appearing in the course, with a strong core. It is recognized as “eating your vegetables,” which is equivalent to preventing back pain, because it is not something you can achieve once you decide to take the club.

The strong core requires commitment and time to rest, but do not be discouraged, even a small improvement can be a great help. If you are not used to doing basic exercises, start with some basic exercises, such as lifting a bicycle boat or sitting leg lift: both are a great way to start working on your core without doing squats. Once you have mastered some basic things, you can add new steps to continue your progress.

Use your core in many daily activities that carry your shopping bag or laundry basket: take advantage of this activity by concentrating on your core muscles.

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When you arrive at the right time, be sure to give yourself enough time to stretch and warm up. Too many people appear a few minutes before their time and swing their first swing on tee # 1. This is a surefire way to exert unnecessary pressure on your back. The professionals know it better than anyone else, and PGA offers some excellent resources for stretching and core strength

Treat lower back pain

While most of the back pain associated with golf, such as tension or sprain loss in a few days or weeks, more severe and prolonged pain can be a sign of injury from injury or other conditions.

If you have a back pain that is not running, consult pro-medical professionals. In Denver, back pain specialists evaluate and diagnose your condition and work with you on a treatment plan. Dr. Michael Shen and I evaluate patients for back injuries and disorders and work with each patient to identify appropriate treatment approaches, which may include physical therapy, therapeutic injections or surgery if necessary.

Restore faster

Throughout this year, it is difficult for many people to remain on the sidelines. But if you injure yourself, be smart to rest for a few days and heal your body. Many small strains will be cured with rest, ice and little ibuprofen (such as Advil), which is anti-inflammatory.

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If you work with a Denver back pain specialist, accept it as a team effort. We bring experience; You bring commitment. This is very important if you want to minimize downtime. The physical therapy that is often part of the plan and based on your TP plan makes a big difference. This usually includes a combination of stretching, strength training, ice and anti-inflammatory medications.

There are more than 300 excellent public and private golf courses throughout Colorado, do your part to prevent and recover from back pain faster so you can experience everything they offer.

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For the diagnosis and treatment of low back pain, check out our Denver or Parker location. Call for an appointment (303) 344-9090.

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