On the prognosis of diabetes

The Diabetes Forecast Magazine, published by the American Diabetes Association, aims to provide accurate, timely and friendly information on all aspects of life with diabetes or pre-diabetes, including treatment, nutrition, condition Physical, weight loss, drugs, research and well-being for the whole family. All articles are reviewed by a dedicated group of health professionals with clinical and/or scientific experience. Diabetes Prognosis Readers also appreciate the true stories and content submitted by the reader that is part of the editorial mix.
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Each two-month issue of the diabetes Forecasting magazine contains the following regular sections: Recipes, a selection of healthy food ideas; Features, detailed Articles that provide timely information to diabetics and their loved ones; Your food, healthy food and food preparation ideas; Your health, articles that focus on this unique health condition; Discovery, an overview of current research, treatments and predictions; Your Ada, news and updates from the American Diabetes Association, the world’s most reliable source of diabetes information; and voices and opinions, letters and letters of opinion and education. The prognosis of diabetes can publish special problems throughout the year, such as the issue of summer food, the question of the Chief of consumption, people who know the subject, and the issue of holiday food.

People who live with diabetes or pre-diabetes who are actively seeking ways to live healthier, happier and longer while managing their condition will benefit from a subscription to the Diabetes Forecast magazine.

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