Diabetic Feet Problems

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Diabetic Feet Problems-Damage to the nervous system (also called neuropathy) affects the 60-70% of people with diabetes and are the main complications that can lead to taste loss in the hands or feet.
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In diabetes, mild injuries such as poorly fitting shoe bubbles can cause a lot of damage. Diabetes reduces blood flow, which means that the wounds heal slowly. In addition, diabetics often have a reduced sensation in their feet, so that the injury can remain unnoticed. If the wound does not heal, it can quickly spread with an increased risk of infection.

High-pressure areas such as foot and heel soles are particularly susceptible to the development of horns and callused that can cause ulcers and injuries. Qualified Podiatrist in the reduction of calluses and horns to prevent injuries to this development, as well as to treat a variety of diabetes-walking problems.

Treatment of diabetic foot problems

There are a number of treatments for diabetic foot problems. At the foot of the place

we can make a remote diabetes assessment that determines the best treatment options for you. The options are:

  • Treatments include thick, mushrooms and penetrated fingernails
  • Maize and Kalus reduction and reduction of
  • Orthopedic Shoe Fittings
  • Personalized foot Sole
  • Wound care

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