Diabetic Nerve Pain Symptoms

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Diabetic Nerve Pain Symptoms-The longer a person suffers from diabetes mellitus will be increasingly higher risks if not done rigorous control will experience complications. Complications arising from diabetes is generally associated with damage to blood vessels. Suffering from diabetes in the long period of time can cause narrowed blood vessels and reduce the volume of blood flow to different parts of the body such as the eyes, kidneys, nervous tissue and so on, which will eventually become serious and may be life-threatening.
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Common complications of the disease in the diabetic one is Peripheral Neuropathy nerve damage conditions occur which result in chronic blood sugar levels due to Diabetes. The effect is baal, rigid, loss of senses of taste and sometimes pain in the foot, arms, and fingers. Causes of Peripheral Neuropathy is the high levels of Sugar will cause damage to the nervous system so that the nerves cannot provide the signals between the brain and the more body that impact on persons not able to feel heat, cold or pain in the foot, arm or hand. Even if the disabled, injured or inert at the distance, will not be aware of it.

If the condition is not resolved soon, it will cause infections, ulcers getting worse and a result can be amputated even death.

Damage to the nervous system is different from the effect on each sufferer. Some people feel the tingle then feel the pain. Others felt the loss of senses of taste in the fingers and toes. This change happened gradually so that the sufferer does not feel it. Because this usually happens at a time when survivors grow older, often times it is disregarded because it is considered this is normal as we age.

Early symptoms of Peripheral neuropathy are as follows: Baal, Tickle at first, burning, cold, ear buzzing, sharp sense of place on the skin, sense of pain stabbed. These symptoms usually feel worse at night.

Some things to note when there are symptoms of Peripheral neuropathy such as:

The sensitivity of touch. You may feel an excessive sensitivity to the skin or stiffness and numbness in the toes, fingers

Muscles feel weak. Blood sugar levels can destroy a chronic nervous system that tells the muscles to work. You may have trouble walking or getting up from a Chair or difficulty retrieving objects with your hands

Balance. You may feel unbalanced at the time of the walk. This is because the body adapts to the changes in muscle strength are weakened

Important note for diabetics with Peripheral Neuropathy is:

1. Keep your blood sugar levels can prevent damage more severe nervous system and improve your health in General

2. Medication with doses that can actually help reduce the pain due to damage to the nervous system.

After you do all that is necessary to keep your sugar levels to normal, including diet, a menu of healthy, exercise and meditation, you are advised to consult with your doctor how to arrange this with the pain medication prescribed.

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