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Diabetes pills are currently popular for diabetics. Diabetics are the most disadvantaged people in the world. How not, they are no longer free to enjoy a life where they can not eat a variety of food at will. Not only that, some types of sports are also some that are not allowed to be done by people with diabetes. Many diabetics even have to take insulin injections every time for their health. In fact, not necessarily diabetics able to withstand the pain of needles, is not it? Lucky now found a kind of special pills that will be very useful for people with diabetes so they no longer need to use insulin injections.

diabetes-drugs Diabetic Pills Side Effects

Health experts from Niagara University successfully developed a pill insulin called Cholestosome that will be very useful for people with diabetes. Pills generated through this advanced technology have also passed the clinical trial in phase II ORMD-0801 so it is expected to be mass-produced soon.

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Mary McCourt, a health expert who is involved in the development of the pill, says that the pill can send insulin to the target site for people with diabetes who need it. This is certainly a new breakthrough considering the insulin pill is very difficult to be created given that insulin can trigger a severe stomach acid problem. However, McCourt and his team are using a kind of polymer coating that protects insulin in the pill so that it survives the onset of stomach acid.

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This pill will be able to survive up to the intestine which will absorb the contents called vesicles that ultimately release insulin into the bloodstream. When testing on animals, the level of effectiveness of insulin release is very good so it is expected to also have the same impact on humans. Hopefully, this pill will be able to pass in phase III clinical trials so that it can be released to the market and help diabetics worldwide.

Why should diabetes drugs be taken daily?

Treatment of diabetes should you do daily routine, in accordance with what the doctor instructed to you. If you change your own dose of medication without consulting a doctor, it can actually increase your blood sugar levels.

Some literature says that you are allowed to stop treatment when your blood sugar levels decrease. However, you should make sure that the blood sugar drops will not rise again, and you should be able to keep it stable. As your blood sugar rises again, you will have to go back to consuming some of these medications. So you are also advised to routinely check blood sugar levels in your body, physical activity with diligent, and keep your diet.

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