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Diabetic Snacks On The Go-Snacking is one of the greatest joys of life – but what if you are busy and also trying to keep a low-sugar lifestyle?
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While most pre-packaged snacks are full of sugar (and other chemicals are not fun), it is possible to find snacks that are not only perfect for those who follow a diet for diabetics, but those who need to eat a lot of this diet on the go.

We have listed some great options for the snacking that you can either do at home and bring with you, or find in your local grocery store. Healthy eating doesn’t have to be hard or boring, and these snacks are proof of that!

Roasted edamame

Soy isoflavones, found in Edamame, have been shown to lower cholesterol to reduce blood sugar levels, and to improve glucose tolerance in people with diabetes. These 100 calorie farms edamame roasted dry are an untreated form of soy that is conveniently packaged for on the go. If possible, add a few carrot sticks to the mix for optimal balance of fiber and protein to keep you satisfied between meals.

Roasted chickpeas

A study published in the American Medical Journal shows that a low glycemic index (which is a ranking of how carbohydrates in foods affect your blood sugar level) diet consisting of at least 1 cup of legumes per day Both the improvement in blood glucose control, by reducing the value of hgA1c s by 0.5%, and reduced the score of coronary disease calculated in patients with type 2 diabetes.

Try these simple fried chickpeas recipe, then fill small mason pots for a quick and nutritious snack. There are also a lot of snacks to individual portions of chickpeas available these days at the supermarket and on Amazon.


A Virginia research team found that olives and olive derivatives contain Oleuropein, which helps glucose metabolism by secreting insulin as needed and preventing the onset of diabetes.

Oloves are packages of pre-serving olives in a variety of natural flavors, including basil and garlic, chili and oregano, lemon and rosemary, and chili and garlic. Couple of olives with tomatoes for a delicious and rich snack!


Popcorn is a high fiber, low calorie snack that allows for three cups per serving! It is diabetic friendly that 3 cups only 16g total carbohydrates and 13G net carbohydrates, which means it is a perfect low glycemic, low-carb snack that will keep your blood glucose level at bay.

While popping your own popcorn on the stove and then filling a bag is the healthiest way to go (since microwave popcorn can have harmful chemicals in your pocket), there is a lot of health, pre-popped options-some even in single portions Pockets come.

Kale chips

Many people with diabetes have an increased risk of retinopathy, which is an eye disease. Kale is rich in Lutein and Zeaxanthi; Strong nutrients that protect the eyes.

An easy way to make cabbage chips is to take a large pile of kale, remove the leaves from the thick stems, and then tear the leaves into bite size chunks. Preheat the oven to 350F, clean the leaves, then dry thoroughly. Sprinkle with 2 tablespoons of avocado oil, and add garlic and spice to taste.

Pop your kale pieces in the oven for 10-15 minutes, then bake until crispy (the leaves must have brown edges).

If you don’t have time to cook and then your kale chips into individual glass or plastic containers, and you just want to grab and go, try Brad chips from kale raw instead.


It’s actually incredibly easy to mix up a green smoothie and throw it in a glass mason jar for later (you can even freeze it the day before), and the best part is-you can have a different taste every day!

Sticking with sugar-poor fruits such as berries and melons, and adding a good protein powder or nuts, with green vegetables, creates a balanced snack that slowly digests and will not spike your blood sugar.

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