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Most people may think of their socks right once a week. In other words, when on the day of their lonely fish washing one specimen from a washing machine, a partner who is inexplicably missing. Unfortunately, we can’t explain the secrets of lost socks. But we’re betraying what people with diabetes should pay attention to when buying hosiery and knitwear what it can do for your health. Diabetologist Dr. Dirk Lammers of Münster had advised us.
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1. small wrinkles, great episode
The fit is the most important thing. Socks do not have to remove the wrinkles away. “In my practice, I always see patients with skin problems, pressure points or blisters that come from bad-knitting socks,” said Dirk Lammers. The ideal stocking wraps your foot like a second skin, not too narrow, not too far away.

2. choose without edges and tape
Many socks have to thicken the stitches in the leg area. Diabetic foot is not like that! Lammers ‘ advice: “Optimal is a product with a lace gekettelter.” This means that the stitching is connected right and no stitches. Also note the waist comfortably. Do not buy products with rubber cuffs that cut on the lower leg and thus impedes the flow of blood from your legs.
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3. quite bright!
“Wear socks bright!” Diabetologist Lammer advises his patients to this if they have or had wounds on their feet. This way you can see if the wound secretion of sticking to the fabric when you take off your socks. “People with diabetes without problems of their own are naturally free to choose an option”, said the doctor.

4. spoiled for choice of materials
Prefer socks with high cotton content. “The woman I am judging from nylon stockings,” said Dirk Lammers. This is not very skin-friendly and would slide in the Shoes, which could lead to a bubble. That tends to sweat or sweating feet in sports, was recommended by functional socks. This consists of a special blend of fabric which transports moisture to the outside, keep feet dry and thus prevent athlete’s foot.

5. Nano-Silver against microbes?
The silver particles are woven in a sock intended to protect feet from infection by the antibacterial properties. Because they can damage the environment, this controversial component in textiles. Experts recommend changed even Lammers socks every day and wash at least 60 degrees.

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