Gold Bond Lotion For Diabetics

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Gold Bond Lotion For Diabetics-Diabetics in Indonesia is very high. According to data from the Ministry of Health, in 2016, the number of diabetics in Indonesia so one of the most in the world, which is ranked 5th.
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It is important for diabetics to always control blood sugar levels in stable condition. It does not go up or down drastically. If there is a drasthange is not
there may be dangerous complications. One of the most common complications is a diabetic foot.

“Diabetic foot is a small wound on the legs that can enlarge and even rot, until eventual gangrene and cell damage,” said Dr. Mulyani Gultom, Inside Illness Specialist
it was encountered in the Tea Time show with Tropicana Slim, in Jakarta.
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This can happen because diabetic patients have high blood sugar levels, where sugar is a good food for microbial growth so that if the patient
diabetes is exposed to small but untreated injuries, gangrene and tissue damage can occur. The injury if untreated may decompose.

“Diabetic patients should be more painstaking especially in dealing with minor injuries to avoid gangrene that could end in amputation,” said Dr. Mulyani.

He also recommends diabetics to use lotions to keep skin moist and not dry. Because generally diabetic patients have dry skin and
risk vulnerable.

“Always use footwear wherever and keep the skin do not get dry and wounded. If the wound appears, immediately treated well,” said Dr. Mulyani.

and for the lotion used is recommended to use the gold bond lotion that is well known to protect the skin of diabetic patients.

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