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Health Insurance for Diabetes Patients-According to experts from the IDF (International Diabetes Federation), diabetes grows at a very rapid rate in India, which is a concern. In India, more than 60 000 000 people are suffering from diabetes, and according to one study, it is estimated that diabetes will pass through the marks 100 000 000 before 2040. Diabetes is such a disease that cannot be taken lightly and the insurance industry understands its severity. Let’s look at this important role the insurance plays in the life.

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is a 30-year-old computer professional who lives in Delhi. It has recently been diagnosed with type II diabetes mellitus. He consulted his doctor, who advised him to exercise daily, walk daily, and reduce the consumption of sugar in his daily routine. Diabetes can seriously affect her eyes, feet, and heart. In view of this, his doctor advised him to take serious steps toward him.

Due to the fact that he had a limited monthly income, he was more concerned about medical expenses. A friend suggested he buys a health insurance policy. He took this idea seriously and started looking for a perfect insurance plan that could provide him with cover against health expenses that may arise in the future.

To choose the perfect health insurance with diabetes coverage, you need to understand what these policies are and their availability on the market.

Indian Diabetes Health insurance on the market

If you suffer from diabetes and want to buy health insurance, then it is considered a pre-existing health condition. Under the conditions of health insurance, the current conditions are subject to the waiting period (number of established years). If you are unlucky, the insurer may also reject your request for a new policy.

In India, ICICI Prudential Life was the first company to introduce health insurance for diabetic patients, known as flexible diabetes Care; However, this plan does not currently exist. After ICICI, star Health Insurance entered the league on behalf of “Star diabetes Safe “, and then Apollo began his plan known as energy.

More options

Diabetes-based health insurance plans offer limited options in the term. However, choosing these plans can eliminate all other benefits, such as coverage for treating certain diseases outside of India, features such as restoration and multiplier, insured amounts, etc., because they provide coverage only for Day 1. ICICI’s flexible Diabetes Care plan and Star Safe Diabetes Plan do not include all family members under politics, and therefore, you will get fewer benefits on lower premiums.

Therefore, if you are young as Lenka, then choosing these plans would not benefit because they will only provide you with a day 1 coverage. You can choose regular health insurance within a certain waiting period. Releague Care Freedom is one of those plans that have a waiting period of only two years and offers more benefits.

If you are a Senior citizen then it is advisable to compare the plans before selecting one. Senior health insurance is not very easy. Everyone must understand all the conditions set out in the text of this policy. It is also advisable to consult an insurance professional and fully understand the insurance contract, so as not to doubt your mind. Comparing insurance contracts will help you understand the difference between the different insurance policies, so you can earn more benefits by paying lower premiums.

In terms of financial planning, you should have a dedicated medical fund to overcome issues such as rejection of receivables, non-medical expenses or delays in entitlement even if you have a health policy. With the medical fund you independently by providing you with the support of your health insurance. Depending only on your health insurance you can land in financial problems.

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