Heating Pads For Back Pain

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Heating Pads For Back Pain-Heating pad, hot water bottle, and cherry stone pillow have some advantages and disadvantages. The tool you use is up to you.

heating pad
Heating pads or electric blankets are mostly electronic. Electric blankets are placed z. B. on the bed and plug the plug into the socket. You can now choose between different “hot levels”. But if you just want a certain warm up in a certain area, you have to put it on the heating pad.

PAIN-RELIEF-HEATING-PAD Heating Pads For Back Pain

Because these pillows and heating blankets must be supplied with electricity, they also always carry certain risks. Moreover, they are not cheap in buying price.

hot water rubber
Hot water bottles are not expensive and filled with hot water quickly used. Spotwise, you can use it at will on certain body parts. However, you also have to be careful here.

As soon as the hot water bottle starts to age, the rubber becomes porous and the water can come loose. This can lead to severe burns. When purchasing hot water bottles you should always pay attention to the CE marks tested.

They are also reasonably priced and also have the effect of promoting health and massaging. To heat, these pillows simply put in the oven or microwave.

The disadvantage here is the duration of hot pleasure to be tried. The heat cannot be stored in the hot pad for long. You do not have to worry about using a cherry pillow because there is no danger.

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