How To Heal Lower Back Pain

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How To Heal Lower Back Pain-In general, complaints of back pain is closely related to the structure and function of the spine. The spine is arranged in several segments that form a unified function so that it can perform the desired movements, such as standing, sitting, squatting, bending, twisting or tilting.

Back-pain-image How To Heal Lower Back Pain

The spine sequence forms a forward arch at the neck and waist area, and a backward arch on the chest and hip area. Between the spine with each other, there is a joint that allows the movement to rotate to the right and left.

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Among the parts of the functional unit, all have innervation that can lead to pain stimulation. Any process that causes pull, tear, or pressure on the part will cause back pain. Similarly, the presence of inflammatory processes in these parts can cause symptoms of back pain. Pain and stiff at the waist in the morning that is felt for years over time will propagate up the spine that can also result in the back becomes stiffer and the back becomes bent.

causes of back pain include:

  • the presence of mechanical disturbances in the structure and unity of the function of the spine;
  • improper motion or attitude when bowing and lifting weights or items;
  • wear shoes with high heels, because in normal circumstances the spine of the waist area has a forward arch. If the forward curve is excessive, will cause symptoms of back pain;
  • sleeping with the base/base is too flexible so that makes the spine to follow the lacing of bedding base;
  • lack of exercise causing flexibility of joints and tissues too -decrease, so the muscles are easily injured because of simple movements, such as lifting, pushing, or bending.

Back pain can also be caused by the influence of a disease, such as renal impairment, heart disease, cancer, bone disease, or metabolic disorders. Back pain caused by kidney disease is usually due to urinary tract disorders. The disorder is blood in the urine due to damage to the kidney wall due to injuries caused by kidney stones.

To reduce the pain and to prevent the more severe consequences of back pain, it is recommended that the patient perform gestures. Note the attitude of the body to avoid a stooped body condition or do activities lying flat or bowing for a while regularly. Also should seek a balance between rest and physical activity. Activities must be considered, the body must get adequate rest, this includes a healthy lifestyle, including healthy eating patterns, healthy value patterns, and a healthy mindset.

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The natural way that can be used to overcome the back pain is:

  1. 25 grams of fresh red ginger + 25 grams fresh black temu + 30 grams of fresh mustard root + 30 grams of fresh leaves of the gods boiled with 600 cc of water until remaining 300 cc, filtered water, drunk warmly. Do it regularly.
  2. 30 grams of fresh god leaves + 30 grams temu fresh lawak + 25 grams of fresh honey / fresh china leaves boiled with 500 cc water until remaining 200 cc, filtered water, drunk warmly. Do it regularly.
  3. 10 grains of angco + 1 – 3 pieces of sun boi / Kiam boi + 15 grams roots fresh red onion + 25 grams of fresh red ginger boiled with 600 cc water until remaining 300 cc, filtered water, drunk warmly. Do it regularly.
  4. 100 grams of takokak + 30 grams of corn + 20 grams of fresh red ginger + 10 grams of boiled fennel with 600 cc water until remaining 300 cc, filtered water, then drunk warmly. Do it regularly.
  5. Cayenne pepper (discarded stem) + ginger (sliced) each taste soaked with 75% alcohol to taste for 14 days. After that, the bath water is applied to the waist that feels pain. Do it regularly.
  6. 120 grams of red ginger + 150 grams of garlic + chili powder sufficiently soaked with 75% alcohol to taste for 14 days. After that, the water immersion is applied to the affected part. Do it regularly.
  7. Moxa is ignited/burned and then brought close to the diseased area about 2.5 cm for 10-15 minutes. If it is too hot, the distance is slightly away. Do it regularly.

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