How To Get Rid Of Type 2 Diabetes

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Type 2 diabetes can be overcome in a matter of weeks by following a strict low-calorie diet.

Currently, many people are at risk of suffering from type 2 diabetes, a disease which one triggered the lifestyle and diet is not healthy. As a result, there is an excess of fat in the liver and pancreas.
diabetes-tipe2 How To Get Rid Of Type 2 Diabetes
The latest findings give researchers hope that this disease is not a verdict for life. According to them, even to the sufferers of this condition have already many years can control it with diet makes sense.
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The analysis is published in The BMJ shows, in most cases of type 2 diabetes can be cured. This analysis is based on evidence of clinical trials.

The first in 2011, type 2 diabetics managed to restore their blood sugar levels to normal levels through a low-calorie diet. Advanced on the study of the year 2016, diabetics who already have the condition for 10 years can heal themselves when pruning weight nearly 15 pounds.

Professor Roy Taylor from Newcastle University, Mike Lean, of the University of Glasgow and their team have spent four decades researching this condition.

“Good news for people who suffer from type 2 diabetes, our research shows even if already 10 years have this condition, you may be able to return to normal by removing the entire fat from the pancreas. While this can only be done with a substantial weight loss, “said Taylor.

Nine out of 10 sufferers of type 2 diabetes are experiencing overweight or obese, and it does not produce enough insulin, or the insulin they produce does not work properly.

Prof Taylor claimed the excess calories cause excess fat in the liver. As a result, the response of the liver to insulin is impaired so as to produce too much glucose.

Excess fat in the liver it will be transmitted to the pancreas. This leads to insulin-producing cells fail.

According to Taylor, eliminate less than one gram of fat just in the pancreas with Dieter can rearranging normal insulin production process, reverse type 2 diabetes condition. This way it is still possible for the sufferer who already has type 2 diabetes condition for a decade.

“Much has been explained to me how the low-calorie diet has become the only option to prevent what they thought of as an inevitable decline, due to treatment and health deteriorated due to diabetes,” Taylor explains reported by Medical Xpress.

However, he continued, “by studying the mechanics behind it, we were able to exhibit simplicity of type 2 diabetes.”

In trials conducted Diabetes UK, all participants succeeded in reversing conditions of type 2 diabetes by cutting drastically the intake. In one day, all the participants are consuming only 600 calories a day for two months.

Three months later, seven people remain free of diabetes. A total of 11 people who suffer from diabetes at a later date given the extreme diet only 600 calories a day, with a liquid diet drink intake plus a 200 calorie content of vegetables without flour.

The results of the MRI scan against the eleventh person pancreas are indicating fat content has returned from a level that increases to normal. This makes the pancreas regain its ability to produce insulin. As a result, blood sugar after a meal improves.

This Taylor research confirms the hypothesis of a twin cycle involved, that type 2 diabetes is caused due to excess fat in either the liver or pancreas.

Because insulin controls the normal process of making glucose, the liver produces too much glucose. Simultaneously, excess fat in the liver increases the normal process of fat exports to all networks. In the pancreas, insulin causes excess fat failed to produce the cells.

A previous study has confirmed that if excess food intake is reduced significantly through a low-calorie diet, all of the factors of abnormal will be returned. This shows a decrease of fat content in the body, resulting in stabilization of liver insulin sensitivity within seven days after starting very low-calorie diet.

Fasting plasma glucose becomes normal and within a week for eight weeks, the fat content of the pancreas which increases insulin secretion goes down and becomes stable again, with normal blood glucose control.

Lean, the author analyses the early trials and continued this research says, is indeed not everyone is capable of doing a low-calorie diet. But they should know that this opportunity exists, they also need support. “Taking medication or injections of a lifetime to reduce blood sugar levels is the choice of handling is not good,” said Lean on

The results of the research team and Lean, Taylor presented in collaboration international experts at the European Association for the Study of Diabetes in Lisbon is welcome.

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