How to Test Your Blood Sugar Levels

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How to Test Your Blood Sugar Levels

Blood sugar is to be controlled. Especially for diabetics, it is required at regular intervals. By knowing the sugar levels in the blood, we can control our food intake so it is not too high or too low. If not controlled, it will harm the organs in the US. However, did You know how to check the correct blood sugar? Here we will explain the details.
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How To Check The Sugar In The Blood

  1. Prepare the equipment you need, including Glucometer, alcohol, cotton/Gauze, needle (Lancet) Hawthorn and Hawthorn (Lancing Device) and Test Strips.
  2. Clean and make sure Your hands are dry before taking the sample from being contaminated.
  3. Insert the needle of an awl (lancet) to the lancing device. Make sure that you use a needle was new and sterile. All needles are used only for single-use.
  4. Place the tip of your finger that will be punctured. We recommend that you use a different fingertip so as not to cause hardening of the skin. Use the middle finger, ring finger or index finger for sampling. Do not use the thumb or pinkie.
  5. Use a cotton alcohol to clean the fingertip will be punctured to prevent infection.
  6. Skewer right needle to your fingertips. First blood Duster out with cotton and leave a small orb of blood formed on the tip of a finger. Slowly press your finger so that blood can more easily get out. Don’t push too strong so that fluid muscles do not mix with blood samples. This can make the measurement results wrong.
  7. Attach the other end of the test strip to the blood veins to circle evenly part of his sample. Don’t shed blood to strip and do not be too hard to paste a test strip. When blood samples are already adequately then the tool will start measuring (time measurement is visible on the display in the countdown).
  8. Attach the gauze or cotton alcohol into the fingertips impaled to stop bleeding.

How To Read A Blood Check Results

To read the results of your blood sugar checks need not trouble because blood sugar check tool will display the result in digital numbers. See the results of the measurement in the blood of your meter. However, when the number of results measurement turns out to be very high or very low, you may need to repeat the measurements to be sure. What is the step you do is correct or blood meter you have is inaccurate? After knowing the results of blood sugar tests, you can compare it with the standard normal blood sugar levels below.

Normal Blood Sugar Levels

Blood sugar levels can be different depending on when we measure it, here are two recommended time to check your blood sugar when you’re not fasting:
-90 minutes after eating: 10 mmol/l or 180 mg/dl
-Night: 8 mmol/l or 144 mg/dl

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