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There are not many masseuses, much less the TENS Unit, which is intended for the general public and is sold in normal stores on the street. You almost always have to go to some specialized stores to get this unique electronic device. However, there have been several models that finally went on sale at Walgreens and the local Aite Rite.
Icy-Hot-Smart-Relief-TENS-Therapy Icy Hot For Back Pain

I began to realize that a local pharmacy would bring this masseuse maybe only 6 months ago. One of the most common models I see is the old model Omron PM3030, which is priced between $ 40 and $ 45, which is only slightly more expensive than what will be sold online. This is the only other type of electrotherapy device that is sold regularly in the pharmacies of the street where I live. This is called Icy Hot Smart Relief Therapy. All you have to do is look at what is on the cover and you will see it.

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This really small device in real life is meant to be placed on one side of the lower back to treat lower back pain. Now, the last one I reviewed, low back pain is one of the most common reasons why the list of workers for medical reasons should take sick leave from work. Back pain is a big problem faced by many people in developed countries, the United States and Canada. It is very paralyzing and very debilitating.

The device that Icy Hot has created in some way can send enough electric current to the lower back, at least it eliminates the pain signals that normally enter your brain and tell you something is wrong in the lower back.

In the front, the specifications and functions are listed as follows …

Relieves painful muscles and joints
Also used by doctors
It is wireless, easy to use and reusable
There is a total of 63 different intensity levels that you can use.
The current speed that will be issued from the device is strong enough to be labeled as “Recipes of resistance”.
So, does this small TENS unit really help with back pain?

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Well, when I saw this at the local Bartells Pharmacy, I got it immediately because I was very curious about its usefulness. Does it work for my own back pain? At that time, I only had one back pain session that kept me stuck in bed for two days. I had to force myself into the car and go to the local emergency room for review.

After a 5 minute consultation with a doctor available at that time, he stated that my lower back problem was really due to muscle problems. It is not a serious bone or orthopedic problem. The incident made me realize that I had to treat my own pain in my own hands. I can not (and I will not) rely completely on the care and advice of doctors.

Being sick and desperate, I tried the TENS Intelligent Relief Therapy Unit. This device uses a very small battery, type CR3232 3V. Now, this model of a micro-sized TENS unit works, but I have a problem with the electrode pad that I inserted into the unit and then it sticks to my back.

After browsing the product pages and reviewing the revisions, but the most severe of the revisions, it seems that many people also have the same problem. Either the pad does not stick well, or stick too well. Of course, we are talking about adhesive electrode pads, which are not really true science

Quick Tip: Many people say that, instead of putting a cushion on a drop of water to moisten it before being left behind, instead, you should apply water to your finger and pass it to the surface of the pad. It seems much more effective. Also, do not forget that this painkiller needs an electrical stimulation device so you can get a lot of replacement electrodes. You can buy some replacement pads for the Icy Hot Smart Relief Unit at very cheap online discounts.

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