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Lower Back Pain Medicine-Back pain is part of the daily exercise. Too easily the vigilance subsided, the serious problem of being misunderstood as superficial. Manual drugs expand the diagnostic and therapeutic repertoire here. The risk of misdiagnosis can be minimized.

8-Naturally-Effective-Lower-Back-Pain-Remedies Lower Back Pain Medicine

The case of Ms. R. of Zurich confirmed the risk of misdiagnosis. After falling on the butt he can barely move. Retired patients assigned themselves to the emergency room.
After pelvic examination of the pelvis, the diagnosis of bone rupture falls associated with bone. The patient was given analgesic medication and noted that the pain subsided within two weeks.

After three weeks of serious illness, the husband enrolled the patient with us. In the first stage, muscles, tendons, and joints are carefully scanned. Pelvic examination is painless.

Surprisingly the patient called the dysfunctional vertebral joint as well as the strained muscle appearing in the upper area of the lumbar spine, ie in the place of the body where he did not feel pain at all. This finding extends the diagnosis to a simple x-ray examination on the back.
The findings are clear, the diagnosis is clear: It is the first broken lumbar vertebra, which in turn causes radiographic pain to the pelvis.

Biomechanical and anatomical explanations
The transition between the lumbar spine and the thorax is a biomechanical susceptibility. This area is mainly exposed to external pressure, therefore the vertebra of the thoracolumbar junction represents the body of the vertebra most frequently exposed to the fracture. The skin supporting portions of the associated nerve supply areas of the lower pine, upper buttocks and groin and lateral hips area.
The anatomical relationship describes pelvic pain in the vertebral body fracture as described in uppercase.

Diagnosis as a prerequisite for therapy
Diagnosis and therapy are based on an appropriate assessment of the situation. The main questions concerning the physician manual are: Is there a causal relationship between the symptoms given, clinical examination and X-ray findings? Once this connection is established, there is no adequate therapy.

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