Lower Right Back Pain Causes

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Lower Right Back Pain Causes-In this article, we will discuss the factors causing the right back pain part. Back pain The right part is one of the most common conditions experienced by everyone, especially for those who are elderly. The right-back pain can cause discomfort for those who experience it. In general, right back pain is more difficult to diagnose and treat.

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This is because there are several reasons that this disease will only occur once in a lifetime. For the main cause of back pain, the right part is due to the wrong body position and due to lifting the excess load. However, there are also certain causes of right back disease. For more details then just take note of the following reviews!

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This is Lower Right Back Pain Causes

This right back pain or back pain may occur acutely or chronically. Acute pain in the right back usually comes suddenly and progresses quickly. As for chronic right back pain, the pain and pain will persist for a relatively long period of time. Here are some of the contributing factors of right back pain:

  • Vertebra: a small bone chain that prevents spinal cord, bone (disc). Vertebra or olive discs serve as cheese dampers and provide flexibility to the spine. If the disc is disturbed that makes the disc bone protruding through the cartilage tissue. Then will cause pressure on the right spinal cord experienced inflammation.
  • Improper body position, as described above, is one of the most common causes of right vertebral pain. Such as sitting too long or body position error when during sleep.
  • Irritable bowel syndrome, this disorder can also cause right back pain. For irritable bowel syndrome, this is not known clearly the cause. But there are certain factors that can trigger this condition such as stress, food allergies and hormonal disorders.

How to Prevent and Resolve Back Pain with Ease

Well, that’s some of the causes of right back pain. Did you know that back pain can be cured easily without the use of drugs or surgery? Generally, 60 percent of patients with acute back pain can heal within a week and 90 percent of people with back pain can heal after 6 weeks. For more details, here is how to prevent and treat back pain eases.

iStock-619375976-58969b415f9b5874ee9edf7e Lower Right Back Pain Causes

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Doing Stretches Every Morning

When you wake up to start the day by stretching. Before waking up, stretch your arms over your head and then pull your knees toward your chest in turn. Stretching each for after waking up is the most powerful way to prevent back pain, either the right or the bottom.

Do not Slouch
the second is to avoid bending waist-high when taking something. This is because bending can make the back becomes tense and can increase the risk of injury. If your work requires you to do so, be sure to use a long, knee-length holder with knee pads.


Take a walk can also keep the back and body health in order to stay in shape. Walking on a regular basis can make the muscles stronger and used to form the back, abdomen, legs, and buttocks. Not only that walked also help the body to release endorphins hormone. Endorphin hormone itself is used to relieve pain. In addition to walking, the best exercises to prevent back pain include running, swimming and cycling.

Watch the Bed

Mattresses also have a great contribution to prevent back ailments. Uneven mattress can cause back pain. And if you feel sleeping in the middle of a bread that has been poked, this means you need a new mattress.

Sit upright

Maintaining an upright posture is also one of the best ways to prevent back pain. To prevent back pain and improve posture try to stand close to the wall. Keep this position about 20 counts.

Choosing the Right Fashion

Avoid using a tight pan, s. Because tights can prevent you from using the right biomechanics, such as bending the knee, especially when lifting an object.

Well that’s some explanation of the factors causing the right back pain that you can know. But because so many causes of right back pain should require a more rigorous diagnosis. It aims to be known clearly that the underlying cause of right back pain. In addition it is also very useful for you to take precautions so as not to experience the right back pain.

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