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Mattress For Lower Back Pain-Doc, I bought a hard mattress for my back pain. Indeed at the time of lying down, it feels comfortable in my lower back area which is problematic. It’s just that in the middle of the night I often wake up feeling stiff on my upper back (under shoulder/shoulder blade). What is the mattress that does not fit the cause? There is also a pain in the front and elbow shoulder joints. Is this also related to the mattress?

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Where exactly is your pain location and since when did you feel? How is the pain (is it like being stabbed, like aches, etc.)? Does the pain radiate to the foot? What about your blood and urine test results? How about your urine during this time, is there a complaint (a little more, sandy, not smooth)?

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Back pain can be caused by several things (muscle, kidney, nerves, spine). When spread to the foot can be caused by a pinched nerve. Shoulder pain can also be caused by referral pain, eg in kidney stones or dysmenorrhoea. With colic pain due to kidney stones, complaints of sharp pain, such as kneading, suddenly, which occurs in the back of the waist or in the lower abdomen. This pain can spread to the groin area and the pain occurs continuously

Low back pain (LBP) or back / lower back pain is affected by age, sex, obesity, occupation, and activity/exercise factors. Among other causes of LBP are degenerative processes (spondylosis, HNP, osteoarthritis), inflammatory diseases, osteoporotic, spinal deformities (scoliosis), circulatory disorders, tumors, infections, psychoneurotic problems, etc.

The complained loin needs to be confirmed in advance, so you should visit a neurologist to be sure of the cause with detailed medical interviews, complete physical examination and also investigations such as roentgen or MRI of the spine.

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The pain you experience can be reduced with the consumption of anti-pain medication. But it should also be considered to avoid various activities that can trigger and aggravate these complaints. Some tips that can be applied are:

  • Get used to warm up before work
  • Always pay attention to the correct sitting or standing position
  • When you want to lift heavy objects, keep the body axis in an upright position, do not bend that will increase the burden and strain on the spine
  • Sports swimming or cycling is used to reduce pain by reducing the pressure on the structure of the spine and surrounding areas.
  • Avoid weight-bearing exercise such as running and lifting weights that will aggravate pain, such as running or lifting weights
  • Sleep in a straight position, preferably on a hard mattress
  • Try strength training of back muscles/core exercises like plank, side plank, bridge.
  • Regarding your question about Does the mattress cause sore?

Your choice to choose a mattress that is flat and special for low back pain is good. The next thing you should do is pay attention to the sleeping position. Should sleep in a calm position and stretched straight, do not use pillows that are too high. Shoulder pain is usually caused by an incorrect sleeping position, such as tilting and pressing the shoulder.

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