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Medication For Anxiety And Depression-The depression will be more easily cured if treated more quickly. The handling is done by a doctor usually include psychotherapy, medication, or a combination of both.
Pill-Bottles Medication For Anxiety And Depression
Some of the techniques of psychotherapy are done to overcome depression, among other things:

  • Cognitive behavior therapy (CBT). This therapy is applied to people who are hostage by a certain mindset that harm them. CBT would help him to escape from negative thoughts and feelings, and replace it with a positive response. CBT can also help patients to recognize the conditions that made the depression worse, so patients can change behaviors to cope with it. Usually, the CBT has done 6-8 10-12 sessions over the week.
  • Problem-solving therapy (PST). PST can enhance the ability of survivors to confront the experiences that make him depressed, particular sufferers of depression who was already more mature. Sufferers will be asked to identify problems and get realistic solutions through a gradual process.
  • Interpersonal therapy (IPT). The basic principle of IPT is to overcome the problems that arise when dealing with others, which can cause or worsen depression.
  • Psychodynamic therapy. This therapy encourages patients to explore a variety of feelings and emotions that are in themselves, which is sometimes not realizing it. The goal of therapy is to help the patient psychodynamic to understand that what he felt and how he behaved, affected by a problem that has not been resolved, in the minds of the lower the subconscious


Antidepressants are medicines to cope with the symptoms of depression. There are a variety of medications antidepressants, with success rates and varying impact on each person. Therefore, the patient will probably try some types of antidepressants to find appropriate remedies.
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Antidepressant medications usually take several weeks or months to work and begin to eliminate the perceived symptoms of sufferers of depression. After the medication began to work, drug consumption will be forwarded until 6 months to 1 year and stopped after the depression symptoms completely disappeared. Keep in mind that antidepressant medications should not be stopped on its own without the advice of a doctor, although felt is improving, as at risk for relapse and may cause symptoms of breaking up a drug, such as:

Fever, headache, sore rheumatic pain, and nausea.
A dream that feels like reality.

To avoid the symptoms of breaking up a drug, while stopping consumption of antidepressants, the doctor will lower the dose of the medication slowly, before it was discontinued.

Nearly half of the people who are taking antidepressants are experiencing side effects from the medication, especially at the beginning of use. Therefore, during treatment with antidepressants, needed a doctor intensively monitoring. And keep in mind once again, do not stop using antidepressants alone without the advice of a physician,

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