Medication For Diabetic Nerve Pain

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Nerve pain with diabetes

There are many side effects of diabetes, but is the debilitating pain associated with diabetic neuropathy. Neuropathy is a disorder of the nervous system function and in this case, caused by diabetes. One of the symptoms of nerve damage diabetes is the stubborn pain in the feet and hands. Dealing with this pain can be very difficult.
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One of the complications of diabetes is the loss of good blood circulation. The longer a person has the disease is worse, the circulation has been. Research shows that poor blood circulation is one of the factors that contribute to nerve damage because of the oxygen and nutrients that are needed are separated from nerve cells. Other factors seem to be the amount of time that patients have high blood sugar levels and the total duration of the disease itself.

There are some treatments that have been tried, but does not seem to be affecting anyone. Medications anti-depressive drug anti-convulsant and both seem to have an interesting side effect of limiting the pain in some people. Opioid like drugs like oxycodone also seems to have a good effect for some people.

Some non-traditional treatment has shown positive effects for some people. This includes things like biofeedback, acupuncture and physical therapy. A swabbing of the evening candle was reported to provide relief in some people, but there is no medical research has proved this. Before looking for some kind of treatment be sure to talk about the options with your doctor. Or advice is the only medical advice you should follow.

Often the pain became almost unbearable in the distance. Therefore, it is very important to use shoes that are intended for diabetics. Shoes for people who suffer from diabetes are made from natural ingredients, durable, and allows the swelling that is enough of the foot on the bad days. Natural ingredients allows the shoe to remove any moisture that may accumulate due to perspiration. This will help limit injuries and abrasions that can be very painful. Sometimes, patients can not even see the weight of the blankets on their feet, so that a bed cradle can be used in support sleeping on legs and feet.

There is no cure for diabetes, so all people can do is control the symptoms as possible. The mode of action for this is to keep your blood sugar level within the range prescribed by your doctor. You can do this by observing what you eat, physical activity, and taking your prescribed medications including insulin.

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