Medication For Lower Back Pain

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Back pain generally improves after being cared for a few weeks. But the type of treatment will be differentiated according to the severity, occurrence of old, and the needs of each person with. Back pain treatment is divided into two related sections the length of this condition occurred.

Handle Short-term Back Pain
General care at home and consumption of pain reliever sold in pharmacies can treat back pain that occurs less than 1.5 months.
spilled-medication Medication For Lower Back Pain
Keep moving actively

People with back pain are usually thought to rest until the pain subsided, but in fact, it is known that by staying back pain sufferers of activity, thus having a faster healing time. Gentle exercise such as walking or doing everyday activities will help restore your pain.

You do need to adapt to the pain and discomfort that is still felt. If it feels heavy, start with a light activity and make improvement from day to day. However, it is advised to avoid strenuous activity that can cause severe pain. Do it gradually over time as Your conditions are continuing to recover.

Pain relief medications

The following are the drugs that are generally used to relieve back pain:

  • Paracetamol
  • The anti-inflammatory drugs of non-steroid such as ibuprofen
  • Codeine, are harder and sometimes used in conjunction with paracetamol

Beware of side effects from medications pain reliever that can disrupt kidney function, trigger allergic reactions, and was hooked.

Cold and hot therapy

Changes in temperature can help reduce muscle tension and helps relieve the pain. Place the warm or cold objects in the area that hurts. But avoid putting ice directly on the skin. Wrap the packaging containing the ice with a cloth, then put on the part that hurts. In addition, compress the washed warm water which is then placed in the area of pain relief can be used as an alternative therapy. A warm bath can also help.

Can also use the pads warm or balsam which can be bought at the supermarket. Brush or paste on the part of the pain.

Change your lifestyle

Overweight, stress and poor posture can also be the cause of back pain. Regular exercise can help prevent this condition, so you avoid the pain.

Choose activities that You enjoy and bring benefits such as walking, swimming or yoga.

Sleep positions

If you’re used to sleeping on your back, place a pillow under the knees. While the usual sleep sideways if you, lift Your feet slightly toward your chest, then place a pillow between his legs. These positions will help keep the lower back posture remains in its normal position.

The conversion of this sleep position may help reduce pain and relieve pressure on your back.

Relaxes the muscles and the mind

Worry about the situation you’re facing make muscles stiffen. Research proves that people who remain optimistic when severe back pain tend to recover more quickly and can avoid long-term pain.

Wherever possible try to do relaxation. Practice draw a deep breath on a regular basis in a quiet place. Make yourself as comfortable as possible.

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