Medicine For Diabetic Nerve Pain

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Medicine For Diabetic Nerve Pain-Nerve damage is the effect of high sugar levels and poor blood circulation. Damage to the nerves can also misinterpret the signal or response. For example, you get the usual touch, but it is considered by the damaged nerves as pain. The pain felt like burning, electrocution, or stabbed on the legs or arms. Then, how to overcome the neurological pain due to diabetes?
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Check out the 8 tips to overcome the following nerve pain

1. Control blood sugar. Controlling blood sugar is the most important factor. Keeping blood sugar levels within normal limits can prevent further nerve damage.

2. Taking care of the feet. Baal or numbness in the legs can cause unconscious wounds. The wound can be infected that is difficult to cure. The solution, you can do prevention with foot care, such as:

a. Keep your feet clean and check every day.
b.Use comfortable shoes
c. Use socks with an eraser on the front and heel legs.
d. Cut toenails straight.

3. Regular exercise. Come on, exercise regularly! Exercise can improve blood flow to the nerves in the legs so that it can repair damaged nerves. Exercise also helps to reduce blood sugar levels in general and increases the threshold of nerve pain.
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4. Warm bath water. Begin to get used to bathing with warm water. Bathing with warm water helps the blood flow to the skin of the legs and feet.

5. Consumption of vitamin B complex. Do not forget to regularly take vitamins every day! Vitamin B (B1, B12, B6, and folic acid) is important for healthy nerves. In a day, you can take vitamin B1 25miligram, B12 200 micrograms, 25 milligrams B6, and 1 milligram of folic acid.

6. Anti-pain medication.
If necessary, you can take anti-pain medication. Ask for a prescription, what anti-pain medication is best for you.

7. Use capsaicin cream
The use of capsaicin cream has been shown to ease nerve pain.

8. Avoid alcohol Start a healthy lifestyle. One is to avoid drinking alcohol. If you want to try new activities or take a new supplement, as well as discuss with your doctor. Remember that the most important thing in managing this nerve is to keep blood sugar within normal limits. So, besides going to the doctor, take medication regularly and live a healthy lifestyle.

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