Natural Sugar Substitutes For Diabetics

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Natural sugar substitutes for diabetics, it is very necessary to use for this because sufferers suffer from diabetes means abstinence incorporate ingredients containing sugars into the dining menu. Food for diabetes is very far from the sweet words.

Especially for those who have complications of hypertension, food should not be sprinkled with salt or sugar is too much. However, diabetics now have another option besides the sugar to add sweetness to foods.
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There are artificial sweeteners are contain low Glycemic that tastes similar to sugar, but it is better to wear a natural sugar substitute for diabetes with calories is very low even at zero-Calorie Sweetener. this because it has a low-calorie and glycemic index very good food for diabetes added on instead of sugar as well as for people who limit sugar to health in General.

A sugar substitute can be natural sweeteners and artificial sweeteners. In Indonesia, there is 13 artificial sweetener permitted its use in foods namely, aspartame, acesufam-K, neotam, alitam, cyclamate, saccharin, sucralose, maltitol, isomalt, xilitol, sorbitol, mannitol, and lactitol.

Artificial sweeteners allowed in one country may be different from the rules and regulations that are applied in other countries. Such as cyclamate permitted its use in Indonesia turns out to have been forbidden by the food and drug Organization in the United States because the security is in doubt.

Even though it has permitted their use, nonetheless the consumption of artificial sweeteners should be limited because the studies on the consumption of artificial sweeteners in long periods of not much are done. In the supermarket often we see a labeled sugar-free drinks.

However, you do not be fooled by the label because the sugar-free flavors of the drink remained sweet on the tongue and a bitter taste will follow. This is indeed the hallmark of drinks that use artificial sweeteners.

Artificial sweeteners above should only be consumed for diabetics. While people who do not have diabetes better-consuming sugar is generally restricted to the amount.

If several artificial sweeteners such as Stevia and Xilitol has been proven secure using them, it turns out that corn syrup is recommended to be reduced. Despite a low-calorie artificial sweetener, consume also should be balanced with natural sweeteners that are judged to be safer, such as:

2.Maple Syrup.
3.Sugar Maple.
4.Agave Nectar.

Once again the keyword to suppress blood sugar levels is the amount of use of sweeteners. Even though you have replaced the sugar with natural or artificial sweeteners that have lower-calorie sugar substitute, it’s not like magic that will lower Your sugar levels.

The number of users should still be observed. Always look at the label on the back of packaging food or drink to ensure total calories contained in the food.
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