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Non-Prescription Diabetic Dog Food-The dog is one of the most widely kept animals. However, there are still many people can’t take care of her, one of them in terms of feeding.

Just like humans, dog’s food intake is also noteworthy. With the correct intake, your pet dog, of course, can earn longevity.
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Here are six things to watch out for when keeping a dog such as offered from Popsugar.

1. non-processed Food is better

Just like humans, the nutrients contained in the fresh food is more easily absorbed in the body of the dog rather than processed foods. Although most people choose canned food to make it more practical.

2. choose food with high protein

High protein diet produces more energy for your dog.

3. Regularly wash your food and beverage equipment

People often forget to wash dog equipment and allowed away for days. This allows bacteria to grow and can cause illness from contaminated food such as mild abdominal pain, vomiting, and diarrhea.

4. Selective

Chocolate bad for dogs. So too with onions, grapes, and raisins.

5. Keep your dog stay hydrated

In a general dog takes between a half and one full ounce of water per pound weight. If your dog lives in a hot climate, it may need more.

6. raw food Events

Although the dog has DNA similar to a Wolf does not mean you can give it raw meat. There is no research that demonstrates that the dog will be more healthy if eating raw meat.

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