Pillows For Neck And Back Pain-Sleep affairs, some people are concerned with the quality of the mattress used to get a comfortable sleep. Although in fact, not only the mattress you know that you should look, but also pillows.

The medical director of the Center for Sleep Medicine at New York-Presbyterian / Weill Cornell Medical Center, Ana C. Krieger, said choosing a pillow is just as important as choosing a mattress. Because, likened to Krieger, the distance between the neck and the bed can cause a difference.

Krieger revealed, the pillows used during sleep should be aligned the hips, back, and neck to keep the spine straight. This is apart from a variety of pillow materials available on the market such as foam, hypoallergenic, and latex. Krieger itself divides the pillow into two types: natural and synthetic.

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“Pillows are soft, easily flat and generally made of feathers such as goose feathers, it is good enough because it can prevent mites and dust.This pillow is also easily formed or half-folded when the body position slid in the night,” said Krieger, quoted from the Wall Street Journal, Friday (8/5/2015).

Krieger added, such pillows are also durable and tend not to change the place when used during sleep. Meanwhile, according to Krieger synthetic pillow has the advantage of the shape and height of the pillow that can last longer. Only, the material used to make a synthetic pillow is not as thick as a cushion made of fur.

“With a shape that tends to be difficult to change, when you’re just a little bit wrong, it must be uncomfortable and it can be painful when you wake up the next day, or you’ll wake up at night,” Krieger said.

Especially for people who like to sleep in a sideways position, make sure to use a pillow that can maintain the harmony of the neck, ie by observing the distance between the shoulders and ears. So, what kind of pillow is recommended?

“Probably some people are fine to sleep on their side by using feather pillows but, cushions with synthetic materials may be better to provide more consistent body position support without disturbing the neck alignment,” Krieger said.

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