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Potato Starch Diabetes-Starch has enough bad rap in a healthy eating community, but what if we told you there is a special type of starch that is really good for you? Yes, it exists and is located in raw potato skins. This good starch is called “resistant starch” and will help you to lose weight, increase your metabolism and maintain your blood glucose, which is good news for diabetics.
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Resistant starch is a type of starch that does not digest in the small intestine, which is how it got its name. Bacteria in the intestines instead of curing the starch create good molecules that help build healthy intestinal bacteria and balance blood sugar levels. Basically, when you eat resistant starch, it literally resists the digestion process and does not cause blood glucose or Spike insulin. You can think of resistant starch as fertilizer or compost to produce a healthy intestinal bacteria or microflora intestine that has a tremendous effect on almost every aspect of your health. Researchers have found a link between intestinal bacteria imbalance in diabetes, obesity, heart disease, depression, intestinal disease, anxiety, and autism.

One of the best ways to get your gut balanced is to consume antibiotics that helps your intestinal bacteria thrive. Probiotics occur in various forms, such as soluble fiber psyllium pods or high amyloidosis of plants, such as potatoes, rice and green bananas and resistant starch is actually an antibiotic. When resistant starch enters the intestine, many types of bacteria close and digest starch. This process allows you to create various good bacteria that will also eliminate the wrong kind of bacteria. When your intestines begin to heal, they can work optimally to digest food and properly absorb nutrients. When good bacteria thrive, they regulate their hormones, eliminate toxins, produce vitamins and create therapeutic compounds that help the intestines stay healthy and work optimally.

So back to the resistant starch. This compound is beneficial because it helps improve insulin sensitivity and decreases blood sugar levels after meals. Resistant starch becomes a powerful ally in your fight against diabetes. In one study, it was found that consumption of 15 to 30 grams or about two to four tablespoons of starch resistant potato improved both fat loss and insulin sensitivity in obese males. Research has shown that resistant starch can also provide cardiovascular benefits. Adding starch resistant to your diet will help optimize cholesterol and triglyceride levels while reducing fat at the same time. So when you eat foods rich in antibiotics, such as resistant starch, you can change the intestinal bacteria to help improve health and weight loss.

Potato starch is a cheap and optimal source of resistant starch because it is tolerated by most people. However, make sure to use only potatoes and not potato flour. Mix two tablespoons in a glass of ambient temperature or cold almonds or coconut milk to supplement the flavor of the potato.

Keep in mind that resistant starch will change the bacteria in the intestine that causes gas. This is called a die-off effect. Positive bacteria penetrate into the system and have bad errors, causing bloating and gas as a result. This happens less often after the system adapts to changes. Start with two tablespoons of resistant starch every day and work up to four if you want.

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