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I work at Renuva Back and Pain Center full time

For small businesses, Renuva offers benefits for employees equivalent to large companies and that is unheard of in this industry. Employees are given group health care after 60 days, employees receive vacations immediately after hiring and are paid for less than 90 days. The Renuva staff has the option to follow a simple 401K contribution plan with a suitable company after 6 months.
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I like not having to decide what to wear in the clinic every day because Renuva provides Scrubs Company with matching jackets. Renuva believes that all employees should practice what is preached to the patient maintaining good posture, neck and back care every day.

All employees receive free chiropractic adjustments as needed, along with decompression and cold laser treatment. Employees also receive a pair of personalized, free orthopedic insoles to make standing comfortable and easy with good leg support.
download-7-2 Renuva Back And Pain Center Reviews
Friday is only half a day so you can start the weekend early. I can not think of a better place to work with so many benefits. It is always fun to come to work and enjoy the positive results of the patients, as well as the team spirit among all the staff.

All the big patients work every day and they love going to the clinic to receive their weekly treatments. Most patients bring sweets and special meals to all staff at the end of their treatment program to show their gratitude and appreciation to the team. The kitchen is always loaded with goodies throughout the year.
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I really can not think of any inconvenience.
Suggestions for management
Continue to provide all the great benefits and support to your Renuva staff. Many employees have been working in their company for more than 5 (five) years and some of their clinics have no rotation for more than a year. Obviously, the barrier increases when it comes to the satisfaction of employees and customers in small businesses.

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